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Pope Francis: "Piecemeal" World War III has already begun

Pope says world's many conflicts amount to piecemeal World War Three

Pope Francis says that World War III has already begun in "piecemeal" fashion.

Pope Francis said on Saturday the spate of conflicts around the globe today were effectively a "piecemeal" Third World War, condemning the arms trade and "plotters of terrorism" sowing death and destruction.

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Comcast Tells Customers to Stop Using Tor Browser

Embattled Comcast has another complaint about customer service to add to its growing list. The cable and Internet provider has been telling customers that their service will be terminated if they don’t stop using the Tor web browser. According to a report by Deep.Dot.Web, multiple accounts of Comcast customer service crossing into monitoring customer activity online have been reported to them.

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Free Chelsea Manning imprisoned 1567 days now!


Free Chelsea Manning imprisoned 1567 days now ->why?
For telling the truth!
Exposing war crimes.

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Dotcom, Greenwald, Assange and Snowden target New Zealand

Summary: Glenn Greenwald says he has spent the last few months working on a story that will reveal the role of the Five Eyes network's smallest partner.

By Rob O’Neill | September 14, 2014 -- 07:33 GMT (00:33 PDT)

New Zealand's role in the Five Eyes surveillance alliance has been a sideshow to debates that have erupted in the USA, UK and Europe since former NSA contractor Edwards Snowden began releasing his trove of classified documents.

But that may change tomorrow night NZ time at the Auckland Town Hall.

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The big picture explained...

This video gives an excellent depiction of the larger geopolitical issues at play in the world, and explains the real motivations behind U.S. foreign policy.

"The Geopolitics of WWIII"

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‘US Failure to Look Into Saudi Role in 9/11 Has Helped ISIS’

The rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has been aided by the continuing failure of the US Government to investigate the role of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks and its support of jihadi movements such as al-Qaeda in the years since, says former Senator Bob Graham, the co-chairman of the official inquiry into 9/11.

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"SABOTAGE" - World Premiere | Truth Music Video

My music and message is dedicated to truth and hope in a world of doubt and fear. I appreciate any and all who have the guts to think for themselves and do what they can to empower others to do the same. Free people do not need anyone's permission to live and be the amazing people we are. We should thrive, not just survive.

How we got here is just as important as where we are now. We live in a world of constant fear and endless wars. The new music video, "Sabotage" exposes the police state, war on terror and many more important topics.

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"Moderate" Syrian Rebels Sign Non-Aggression Pact With ISIS; Iraq Defies US

First it was the 'broad coalition' that appeared a little narrower than President Obama explained to the world last week. Today, 2 more crucial aspects of the 'strategy' appear to be faltering. Despite the promise of $500 million to train "moderate" Syrian terrorist/rebels to fight ISIS, GlobalPost reports Syrian rebels and jihadists from the Islamic State have agreed a non-aggression pact for the first time.

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Ron Paul on John Stossel 9/11/2014

OK...we all like Ron Paul's consistent position on these wars; Stossel later reasons that "war is just another government program"(that can fail like other government programs)...but then what was he selling early on by saying "...we killed many of the people who attacked us..."? Was that a truthful statement at all?

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My mom has passed away.

I wanted to thank everyone who offered their prayers, thoughts, and kind words. Including Nonna, Michael and many, many others.

My mom didn't beat the cancer. She passed away on Sunday and her funeral was today. I am at a loss for words, which as most here know is a rare condition for me.

She was truly one of the absolute most important people in my life.

I prepared her funeral, as she requested, but still feel like I didn't do enough.

I am so glad I came to be with her in the end, but I wish it hadn't been the end.

Spend every moment as your last. Make sure that every moment is what you want because there are a finite number of moments in this life, but, most are wasted.

Don't waste any. Don't try to change the world.

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I'm not going back to jail! (how, why lessons learned | Adam Kokesh

Adam recaps the story of his shotgun video, SWAT raid, jail time, and this final court episode. The lessons learned are far more important.