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Senator Coburn - the God father of the TeaParty - Really?!

So 60 minutes is running a story tonight where they label Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma the Godfather of the Tea Party. That's bad enough, but when they said that he had the nickname "Dr. No", that was the end of it. How about interviewing someone who pissed off his own party on a daily basis? How about the real Dr. No? I am sure you can watch this on their website when it comes up

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South Carolina Fox Debate Audience BOOS Ron Paul For Mentioning Golden Rule...

Lest we forget how many hypocrits reside in the Republican Party...

The FOX Republican Debate in South Carolina in 2012. (Very unfriendly territory for Dr. Paul who came bearing the TRUTH).

But most in that state (home of Lyndsey Graham) don't want to hear the truth because so many make their living in the WAR industry.

God bless Dr. Paul for going into that firestorm.

Remember this???

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Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie

In June 1936 Max Hahn and his wife Emma were on a walk beside a waterfall near to London, Texas, when they noticed a rock with wood protruding from its core. They decided to take the oddity home and later cracked it open with a hammer and a chisel. What they found within shocked the archaeological and scientific community. Embedded in the rock was what appeared to be some type of ancient man made hammer.

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Why He Killed The Cops

The story is being spun as a crazed man enraged by the death of Garner. Turns out, this man had already had his own taste of NYPD "Justice."
I do not condone violence, but I can also see when someone is provoking a fight. These thugs with badges and guns have been begging for retaliation for years. They still have no clue what "blowback" is all about, as evidenced by their declaration of war on the people they are paid to "protect and serve."

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Video: Americans Stand Up To Militarized Takeover (Spokane Washington Protest)

Shocking video provided exclusively to Infowars last week set off a firestorm among Americans after a sheriff’s deputy was captured saying that armored military vehicles were needed for “constitutionalists” and gun owners.

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Vipassana Meditation 10 Day Retreat

The ten day course is free, then donations are requested to keep the course going. I began looking into this because it is what Kong-Pop U-Yen practices, and he sees the Universe in a way that makes beautiful sense. He does his best to explain to idiots like me, but he also claims that his practice of Vipassana is why he perceives so clearly. I want to get me some.

OK, I can afford it, I can even get someone to cover the farm for 10 days to go, so what next...?

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Ben Carson Chooses Sides: Israel Wins His Allegiance

He has proven that he is among the people who wish to be president at any cost.

"He showed sympathy for Israel's much-maligned settlement movement and questioned the desire among Palestinians for peace."

What an absurd thing to say. There is a lovely video posted here this morning, "The Quiet Revolution" which points out the truth: At our core, most of us want the same thing and peace is very near the top of our lists. To pretend Palestinians do not want peace is to deny their basic humanity. To pretend Israel is not an aggressor is to ignore the boundaries defined in the original treaty that created Israel.

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It's Good We Don't Fit In...

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It's Your Fault DeBlasio

The mayor of New York City spoke about the two New York City police officers that were shot and killed in their car by what is being called a "retaliation killing".

Bill DeBlasio starts off by saying; "Our city is in mourning. Our hearts are heavy. We lost two good men who devoted their lives to protecting all of us."

A couple of weeks earlier, Bill DeBlasio stated during a press conference about the grand jury's decision not to indict the officers involved in the killing of Eric Garner; "We're grieving again, over the loss of Eric Garner who was a father, husband, a son, good man. A man who should be with us and isn't."

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Russia's NOT Selling Gold - Adds 600,000 Ounces of Gold to its Reserves in November

Russia's NOT Selling Gold Adds 600,000 Ounces of Gold to its Reserves in November

There was plenty of speculation that Russia would begin selling its gold to protect the rouble. It hasn't happened and Russian President Putin this week said the Central Bank should not sell reserve assets to protect the rouble.

Indeed, Russia added another 600,000 ounces of gold to its reserves in November.

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Can you create a ripple without a cause?

We've all seen a stone thrown into the water create ripples across the entire pond. And the ripples keep on going across the entire universe.

That is what that whole Beatles song was about, Across the Universe. Jai guru deva om (जय गुरुदेव ॐ), which roughly translates to: "Glory to the shining remover of darkness!"

Jai guru deva om. Be that stone. Go out and remove some darkness in the world. Don't wait for it to happen. Go out and do it, even if it is just for one person. Go make a positive ripple in this world.

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The Good Times are Over

A song that takes at shot at Congress, the govt and status quo....joke at the end....

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Rand Paul TIME op-ed: Cuba Isolationists Just Don’t Get It

by Sen. Rand Paul
December 19, 2014

Paul is the junior U.S. Senator for Kentucky.

Let's hope cooler heads will ultimately prevail and we unleash a trade tsunami that washes the Castros once and for all into the sea.

I grew up in a family that despised, not only communism, but collectivism, socialism and any “ism” that deprived the individual of his or her natural rights.