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The Last Hour

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400 TSA agents have been arrested for theft of passenger items while not one terrorist has been caught.

A TSA agent convicted of stealing more than $800,000 worth of goods from travelers said this type of theft is “commonplace” among airport security. Almost 400 TSA officers have been fired for stealing from passengers since 2003.

Pythias Brown, a former Transportation Security Administration officer at Newark Liberty International Airport, spent four years stealing everything he could from luggage and security checkpoints, including clothing, laptops, cameras, Nintendo Wiis, video games and cash.

Speaking publicly for the first time after being released after three years in prison, Brown told ABC News that he used the X-ray scanners to locate the most valuable items to snatch.

“I could tell whether it was cameras or laptops or portable cameras or whatever kind of electronic was in the bag,” he said.

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Sotomayor: 'We Can't Keep Bending the Fourth Amendment to the Resources of Law Enforcement'

Sonia Sotomayor stands up for the Fourth Amendment in drug-sniffing dog case.

Damon Root | January 22, 2015

The Supreme Court heard oral argument yesterday in the Fourth Amendment case Rodriguez v. United States. At issue is whether an officer "unnecessarily prolonged" an otherwise legal traffic stop when he called for backup in order to safely walk a drug-sniffing dog around the stopped vehicle. According to a previous Supreme Court ruling, the use of drug dogs during routine traffic stops poses no constitutional problems so long as the traffic stop is not "prolonged beyond the time reasonably required to complete that mission."

According to Justice Department lawyer Ginger Anders, who argued yesterday in defense of the police, law enforcement is entitled to wide leeway when it comes to determining the amount of time that's "reasonably required" to conduct traffic stops.

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Ancient Archery Form - Truly Amazing Video! (Updated with actual video link... doh!)

We have been taught that "modern" ways are the pinnacle of human existence. This guy is recovering ancient archery techniques that make modern archers look like chumps.

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New Jersey cop executes non-threatening passenger during routine traffic stop

There was a gun in the glove compartment of the car, but neither the car driver nor the passenger had any threatening behavior or any attempts to use it.

The man had both of his hands raised in the air, when he was executed at close range.

New Jersey cop executes a man with both hands raised up

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EndTheFed.Org Website is live! This website is the place to send those who have not awakened to the fraud of the Federal Reserve. It is designed to be a one-stop shop to take someone from no understanding to “I get it now”. It compiles basic explanations, short videos, documentaries, books, resources, etc that helped me during my awakening process into one convenient package. Use it as a tool to help streamline the process for others.

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The most important part about the Daily Paul

Is the relationships that were formed, and the growth that occurred as a result.

That is what the Ark is all about. Keeping everyone together. We're about to change ships, but everyone here's got a guaranteed spot on the new ship.

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Is Liberty popular these days?

Just riff off the top of your head for me.

I'd like to hear the first thing that comes to mind. That is usually the truest thing. Don't bother censoring - we're going to be out of here soon enough anyway. The Daily Paul's landing gear is down, we're on our final descent. The seat belt light is on. It is safe to talk to your fellow passenger.

And so, friend who I've never met, I turn to you and I ask, "Hey, fellow passenger, do you think Liberty is popular these days? (And I make to your spirit a silent prayer: "I acknowledge you as a fellow traveler, and a fellow American.")

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Why You Must Not Sign A “Refusal To Vaccinate” Form – At least, if you want to keep your kids that is

The “Refusal to Vaccinate” form was created by the American Academy of Pediatric’s ‘legal department’ as a response to the growing number of toxic vaccines recommended by them and the growing number of parents who are becoming educated on this issue. According to the CDC our children should now receive 37 doses of vaccine between 0-16 years. [See Vaccine Schedule]

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An absolute MUST for the conspiracy searchers

Although this book was written in 1971 it really is a must read and it's interesting how things have progressed since then.

I've been prying into the conspiracy mysteries for quite a few years now and I have pretty much heard it all. However, Gary Allen just puts it all together in a nice easy to read package. I can't believe I haven't read it until now!

None-Dare-Call-It-Conspiracy by Gary Allen

This is the quote from the Amazon site:

This book is a primer for anyone who wishes to understand the basic workings of the global network of Insiders that is determined to wield power over all of mankind in the coming New World Order.

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Firearms enthusiasts crash gun buyback to hunt bargains

A recent gun buyback event in Oregon, aimed at curbing the number of weapons on the street, turned into a planned profit making opportunity for a group of firearms enthusiasts.

The Jan. 17 event was co-sponsored by Central Coast Ceasefire Oregon and the Newport Police Department, who offered gift cards to superstore Fred Meyer in return for guns, no questions asked. A sliding scale meant assault rifles fetched $175 gift cards each, and high capacity magazines were worth $25 credits at the store, which ironically sells firearms.

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Ron Paul says talking to Marco Rubio about Cuba is ‘like talking to a stone wall’

Ron Paul says talking to Marco Rubio about Cuba is ‘like talking to a stone wall’

By Rick Sanchez, Published January 23, 2015, Fox News Latino

To hear former Texas Republican congressman and longtime conservative rock star, Ron Paul, tell it, Marco Rubio is clueless when it comes to the power of the free market.

Read More:

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Musings On Retirement II, Warrior's Song. Long Read Then Power. Huge Power.

I am trying sometimes to take inspiration from one of the greatest warriors that ever lived. Some of you have heard me invoke his names before, the Geh-Hron-Im-Aho. You know his name as "Death From Above" because that is the meaning of the English interpretation of his name which to you is....

Geronimo. Death From Above because his crazy-ass Chiricahua warriors would scream his name as they lept from above with their blades flashing.

In the literature, apparently this guy was one of those leaders that people could just feel HOLINESS radiating from them and POWER. Incredible power that he charged his warriors up with and these guys, they just whipped ass. No other way to put it. And for a long time, nobody could catch them, nobody could kill them but one by one, by treachery and misfortune, almost all of Geronimo's people were killed off before his eyes, he went though like 4 or 5 wives and sets of kids, all killed off in the genocide but nobody but nobody could kill Geronimo. Only like half the nation white, red or black was out for his bounty, the entire United States Military was out for him and every single time he either fought them to a stand still or escaped to punish them from another angle.

Like many of his time, he believed his medicine made him impervious to bullets. Others payed for this medicine but it didn't work out too well.

With Geronimo, it worked. Nobody could kill him.

I don't know what did.

What I do know is as the years took their toll and seeing his people repeatedly decimated, he tried to surrender again and again saying "I have had enough of this. I don't wish to fight any longer". And again and again he tried to surrender only to find treachery again but finally the Federal Government, Washin-done had enough of being embarrased and enough coffins ordered and interned to where they actually finaly and without guile or misdeeds gave him a nice little house and a farm and promised to pay him tribute and his few people tribute and leave them in peace.