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CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou to Abby Martin: Wake Up, You’re Next

Abby Martin interviews CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou in his home.

When asked about the common mass surveillance defense of “I’ve got nothing to hide,” Mr. Kiriakou responded, “This is exactly what they want you to think, because they’re not focused on you yet, they’re focused on somebody else. But you know what? Eventually they’re going to get to you.”

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Rand Paul Has Been Removed By Major Sports-betting Site

A major (perhaps the largest) overseas Sports-betting site has removed Rand Paul from the field of betting on political propositions. This is quite telling if you ask me.

I've been keeping an extremely close eye on this. Maybe he got flooded with bets. I am not sure, but the last proposition was 16/1. He is now the ONLY candidate that has disappeared from the field.

I am not going to post the link, as I don't want to compromise site rules. But it is Bovada.

Even George Clooney remains. If I trust anyone, its Vegas odds.

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What's The Difference? Two Photos

We must challenge the unthinking majority at every turn. They're destroying us.

What's the difference?

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Help! I Just fired Firefox!

I have been using Firefox for a year or so, and they just asked me to congratulate them and their users for getting a federal bureaucracy (the FCC) to create "net neutrality."

I could not find any proper place to complain to them as they don't answer mail on their politics, apparently, but I did complain to the developers about it, and I've fired them.

I asked them why they thought anything good (food, healthcare, education, economics, or speech) would be better with the word "politicized" in front of it.

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"Change always means more of the same: more government more looting of Americans more inflation more police-state." - Ron Paul

Educational tweets of the day - 02/26/2015

"Change always means more of the same: more government more looting of Americans more inflation more police-state." - Ron Paul

Human Beings Unite!

We live in a world...

Both parties want to undermine national sovereignty & people's rights to increase corporate profits #TPP #Corporatism

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Davy Crockett - Not Yours to Give

Davy Crockett - Not Yours to Give

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Hudes reports from yesterday's Federal Reserve hearing!

Hudes went to the congressional hearing yesterday and reports back. She also provides links to:

The Fed owes us more than we owe them:

Yesterday's Hearing on the Federal Reserve with Janet Yellen

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Jeb Bush Busing in supporters from the DC area to CPAC

Looks like old Jeb Bush is bringing hired supporters by bus to flood CPAC.

Very interesting how these people play the game

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Russian Schoolkids Assemble/Disassemble AK-74,47

Our children get suspended for water pistols.. lol.

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Spring Fever! Ten Garden Tips Off The Top Of My Head - Updated with winning tip!

1. Seedlings: Squashes like company, start 2 or 3 to a pot and keep them together.

2. Potatoes: They grow UP - plant them in a trench and keep piling dirt and straw on them as they grow, leaving just the top sets of leaves above ground. The places where other leaves started to grow will become roots - taters!

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Rand sticks it to Katie Couric w/ video.

Yahoo News

If Rand Paul were Commander in Chief, his strategy for fighting Islamic militants in the Middle East would start with the Kurds.

“I would arm the Kurds directly,” the Republican Senator and potential presidential candidate told Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric. The two sat down in Washington Wednesday just hours after the FBI announced it had arrested three men charged with plotting to join the Islamic State, or ISIS, and stage attacks against the United States.

Despite urging Congress to make an official declaration of war—for the first time since World War II—against ISIS last November, [] the Kentucky Senator’s reputation as an isolationist still precedes him. Dismissing that as a “mischaracterization,” Paul told Couric he’s not willing to send American troops to fight anywhere if the people who live there are not also willing to fight.