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The Secret to Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy: His Father

If you want a real insight into how Rand Paul truly views the world, check out his dad’s record in Congress during the Cold War.

W. James Antle III

Rand Paul is struggling to demonstrate that a presidential candidate can be skeptical of military adventures while still being tough on foreign enemies when necessary. And so far, all he is getting for his trouble is charges of flip-flopping.

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Cody Wilson is setting RT on fire right now..

Cody Wilson is on Sophie and Co.
And, oh man, is he tearing shit up.
Sophie's real uncomfortable with this guy making so much sense.
It's good stuff.
I think it's live right now so I can't embed.

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Please give your opinions as to why you think the Founding Fathers include the Electoral college .

My guess was that the America was a minority movement, And the founders wanted to give it the best chance of survival. Allowing the more educated in the meaning of freedom the greatest say. Correct me if I am wrong I welcome all ideas thank

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The Five Most Secure Web Browsers

The most important lesson we can take away from the past year is that our data and identities are not safe on the internet. With almost a quarter of the world’s population on the internet, this is a massive security concern, not just for users, but also governments and authorities.

Yet, when we think of making our online experience more private and secure, we often ignore the primary vector — web browsers.

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The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen

One, two, three, four,
Soldiers marching off to war,
Oblivious of the cost,
Of the on-going holocaust,
Blindly following the hellish lead,
Of each one on his somber steed,
Unthinkingly obeying the lying lips,
Of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama,
Perpetuating the death and drama,
Speaking of weapons not there,
Creating images of Armageddon to scare,
We're in Iraq! There's no turning Back!
Kill those backward people!
Drop those bombs, my Sheeple!
You'll spread freedom, we promise you this!
So say the four lying horsemen of the apocalypse.

Don't listen to those widow makers,
Those presidential undertakers,
Spread the word far and wide,
Stop this maddening genocide,
Don't believe the lying lips,
Of the four horsemen of Iraq's apocalypse.

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Free Chelsea Manning imprisoned 1567 days now!


Free Chelsea Manning imprisoned 1567 days now ->why?
For telling the truth!
Exposing war crimes.

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Should the Free State Project create a smaller pledge to get 5k people to move now?

I think it's going to be a while before the Free State Project hits the goal of 20,000 pledges. My guess is the earliest we might expect to hit the mark would be 2018 based on the information I will include below.

With this in mind, does it make sense for the Free state project to put out a smaller pledge (now) where it asks (e.g.) if 5,000 people will move to NH in the next two years if a goal of 5,000 pledges is reached? So it would basically be a mini Free State Project within the Free State Project.

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Dotcom, Greenwald, Assange and Snowden target New Zealand

Summary: Glenn Greenwald says he has spent the last few months working on a story that will reveal the role of the Five Eyes network's smallest partner.

By Rob O’Neill | September 14, 2014 -- 07:33 GMT (00:33 PDT)

New Zealand's role in the Five Eyes surveillance alliance has been a sideshow to debates that have erupted in the USA, UK and Europe since former NSA contractor Edwards Snowden began releasing his trove of classified documents.

But that may change tomorrow night NZ time at the Auckland Town Hall.

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Ron Paul on John Stossel 9/11/2014

OK...we all like Ron Paul's consistent position on these wars; Stossel later reasons that "war is just another government program"(that can fail like other government programs)...but then what was he selling early on by saying "...we killed many of the people who attacked us..."? Was that a truthful statement at all?