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Little Girl Feeds Crows; In Return, They Bring Her Gifts

With all the ugly news lately (an outstanding summary:, I thought maybe some here could use a break. Found this sweet story on and posted it here under "Weird Stuff", since I didn't know where else to put it. It is kind of weird, though. Enjoy!

Eight-year-old Gabi Mann loves her corvid friends, and they reciprocate with small trinkets.

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Video Exonerates Man Set Up By Louisiana Cops And Prosecutors

If not for cell phone video, 47-year-old disabled veteran Douglas Dendinger could be going to prison — because of an apparent coordinated effort by Washington Parish, La. cops and prosecutors who falsely accused him of battery and witness intimidation.

As New Orleans’ WWL reports, Dendinger’s two-year nightmare began on Aug. 20, 2012, when he was paid $50 to serve a court summons on behalf of his nephew against Bogalusa police officer Chad Cassard in a police brutality lawsuit.

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Homan Square: CIA-style Domestic Black Site in Chicago

More from Al Jazeera:

The Chicago Police Department is under intense scrutiny this week, as local lawyers say the city’s police officers routinely use a building on Chicago’s west side to conduct interrogations outside of established police department guidelines and its own directive ensuring that suspects have access to counsel.

Known as Homan Square, the building houses several police units that conduct sensitive police work and undercover investigations, according to the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

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We Are Almost at the Gate

We Are Almost at the Gate

There are countless wars and tyranny,
Leviathan's cruel reign of hate,
But we have a rendezvous with destiny,
We are almost at the gate.

Monsanto is going down,
Big government will disintegrate,
The Military-Industrial Complex has lost its crown,
We are almost at the gate.

Poisoned food, water and air,
But take heart and celebrate,
The Great Awakening is everywhere,
We are almost at the gate.

Though they seem so big and strong,
Creators of the police state,
For lovers of liberty it won't be long,
We are almost at the gate.

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Strange Events Happening at Alternative News Sites

Over the last three days since the FCC voted for "net neutrality," some very strange events have occurred, including alternative news radio shows to simply go off air for minutes at a time, a popular website that conducted a hard hitting interview with the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration Paul Criag Roberts completely went down and the article could not be accessed throughout the day, just to come back up, then return an error again on reload, a site that linked to that piece also went "goopy," according to the Hawk video below, Facebook has had numerous

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Fox News Spin: Rand Wins CPAC, but the REAL News is Walker's 2nd Place

The Real News is not Rand's victory of the CPAC Straw Poll, but Walker's 2nd Place. Also Cruz's 3rd Place seems to be more important than Rand winning 3 in the row.

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Fukushima Has Been Leaking Massive Radioactive Water Since May, But Tepco Didn't Tell Anyone

From what I can gather, the facility has never completely stopped dumping radioactive water into the ocean, but this latest update indicates there has been 50-70% MORE radioactive water pouring directly into the ocean than what had previously been acknowledged. I stopped eating seafood from the gulf of Mexico shortly after the BP oil spill and completely stopped eating any and all seafood in 2012 when it was reported that nearly all tuna caught off the coast of Califorina and tested showed signs of fukushima radiation. Amazing that this doesn't get more media coverage.

The fallout from the Fukushima disaster is far from over. The operator of the crippled nuclear power plant announced Sunday that sensors in its drainage system had detected a leak of contaminated water 50 to 70 times more radioactive than radioactivity levels already seen on its campus—which the AFP points out were already quite high.

The drainage system discharges water into a nearby bay, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. The operating company, Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), said it shut down a gutter to prevent the contaminated water from reaching the Pacific on Sunday morning. The radiation levels dropped off steadily throughout the day, but were still 10 to 20 times higher than usual later in the day.

Yet more bad news surfaced just days later: On Tuesday, Tepco announced it had detected elevated levels of radiation in rainwater pooling on the roof of a plant building back in May, but had failed to disclose the finding until now, according to NBC News. The radioactive water had likely leaked into the sea through a gutter when it rained, Tepco announced.

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Boehner Allies Sweating Over Potential Loss of Speakership

Though most are doubtful it will occur, the Republicans in the House revealed a house divided with the no-confidence vote on the Homeland Security battle. Conservatives and Democrats united to prevent the HS bill from passing. Boehner's battles just will become more intense in the next few weeks, including such money battles as the debt ceiling, budget allocations, tax increases and spending cuts.

Democrats are none too happy with Boehner either, since he promised them vote on a 'clean bill', OTOH, some Democrats are not happy with Pelosi, either, calling promised deal 'a thin reed'.

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Matt Drudge is playing a despicable game here.

Drudge has its top headline that reads "PUTIN CRITIC SHOT DEAD AT KREMLIN".

Makes you think that the Putin critic was inside the Kremlin when he was shot dead, doesn't it?

The story Drudge links to (which most will not get past the Drudge headline, and move on to other stories), says that the critic was walking near the Kremlin when a car drove up and shot him dead.

I caution Matt Drudge against playing these anti-Putin games. Leave those games to the globalists.

Oh, and I'm not pro-Putin. I'm anti-world-war-three.

Hugs from Chile.