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Scientists Urge Govts To Turn Old TV Frequencies Into Free “Super Wifi”

Governments should sack plans to auction off old television frequencies to the highest bidder and instead use the bandwidth for free super-frequency WiFi if they want to boost the economy, scientists have said. Here

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Emails show Obama administration targeted reporter over her coverage of 'Operation Fast and Furious' scandal

"The Department of Justice's top communications official plotted to squash a reporter who aggressively covered the agency's ill-fated Operation Fast and Furious gun scandal in 2011, previously secret emails show.

The emails, between the DOJ's then-communications chief Tracy Schmaler and White House press flack Eric Schultz, are a rare look inside the Obama administration's press control machine.

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The School With A Radical 'No Rules' Policy

Published on Nov 24, 2014
No Rules School: The headmaster throwing out the rules for breaktime

It's every child's dream and every parent's nightmare: no rules at break time. But at Swanston School in Auckland, principle Bruce McLachlan's radical experiment is to throw out the playground rulebook.

"The need to wrap up our kids in cotton wool is actually taking away a lot of learning opportunities", says pioneering principal Bruce McLachlan. Here, not only are the kids allowed to climb trees, skid around on bikes and fire makeshift weapons, it's encouraged. McLachlan's only direction: "Don't kill anyone". As a result he claims the children are much more receptive, confident and cooperative.

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Another Banker Murder, this one stabbed while outside exercising 11-24-14

Are all of these deaths (suicides, murders, and untimely deaths) simply random events?
Senior VP Of MassMutual Found Stabbed To Death On Conneticut Road
Monday, November 24, 2014 | 10:54 am EST
Melissa Millan was found lying in a road in Simsbury, Connecticut. She had been stabbed in the chest and her death has been ruled a homicide.

Millan was a senior vice president at Mass Mutual.

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Wow, I Feel So Accomplished!

Hey everyone, I'm so ecstatic right now. I have this natural high that you can't get from any drug. I'm just so proud of myself and only my DP Family can fully appreciate why.

I've been doing a few projects around the house lately to alleviate some stress and boredom. In October, I decided I was finally gonna start a garden and become a little more self-sufficient. I started collecting 5 Gal. buckets from work and picking up potting soil every week. I planted and I hoped, and it grew and grew.

1 Week

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Please Help: My Cat CAN'T Urinate and Defecate

Hello, DPers,

Quickly I'm coming upon emergency for my cat Hopper.

I have a two and a half year old male cat who was in healthy until a week and a half ago when he didn't so much eat but devoured a bird. Thirty minutes after Hopper ate the bird, he threw it up. I cleaned up bones, feathers and the bird. He threw up a few more times where each time he did there was small yellow puddles of liquid.

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Help me here...What is going on. Gold up $250 in 20 minutes?

Can somebody tell me what just happened???
Something JUST happened...Is something broken with this site??
This site has to be broken....

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Israel – America’s Biggest Frenemy

The Jewish State in the Levant is a burden we shouldn’t have to bear
by Justin Raimondo, November 24, 2014

Today [November 24, 2014] is the deadline for the closing of a deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program. No one should be surprised that Israel is marking this deadline with a threat to attack Iran regardless of the outcome of the negotiations. As the Jerusalem Post is reporting on its front page:

"Israel has issued a stark, public warning to its allies with a clear argument: Current proposals guarantee the perpetuation of a crisis, backing Israel into a corner from which military force against Iran provides the only logical exit."

This is a lie, and is widely recognized as such: the Israelis don’t have the military capacity to take out all the Iranian nuclear sites without American assistance. Aside from that, however, they never attack those capable of hitting back in any significant way, so we can write off this latest threat as just so much kvetching.

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Media Never Fails To Pick Cases That Divide

With so many clear-cut cases throughout the country of police officers killing or maiming innocent black civilians, why does the media always choose to focus on ambiguous cases?

Prior to Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of George Zimmerman dominated the news cycle. Like the Brown/Wilson case, the Martin/Zimmerman case was anything but clear-cut.

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RT Anchor Interview Redacted By CNN After She Criticizes Network As Toeing State Department Line

A discussion between CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and RT’s Anissa Naouai degraded into a tense back and forth on Friday, resulting in Naouai’s criticisms of CNN and its coverage of international affairs being cut from the finalized interview that was broadcast.

After repeated questions which, according to Naouai, implied her impartiality was lacking, the RT host responded by questioning Amanpour’s own impartiality and potential conflicts of interest when it comes to US military interventions.

These comments never made it on air.

Ben Swann speaks to Naouai herself for a reaction.

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The Dumbest Anti-Gun Politicians of All Time

Check out this new video I made. It's a list of 8 of the dumbest statements ever made by anti-gun politicians. It's sort of a follow-up to my now infamous "Ghost Gun" video. Check it out and share it and lets see if we can't make these idiots go viral!

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Obama tells Ferguson not to resort to violence while he sends more troops, guns and bombs to Iraq...

and Afghanistan. Am I missing something here? Is this not a prime example of hypocrisy? The warmonger has no business telling the city of Ferguson to talk things out and begs them not resort to violence and destruction. "Nothing of benefit results from destructive acts," the president said.

What a charade!

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Meet Norton I - First Emperor of the United States

Scholars will debate till time merges with the singularity the merit and validity of presidential decrees, signing statements and executive orders. But no one can argue with the proclamations of an emperor - particularly when that emperor is Norton 1: First Emperor of the United States (& Protector of Mexico.)

the emperor frequently rode a bicycle when checking on the welfare of his subjects

Joshua Abraham Norton was born in England, raised in South Africa, and came to settle in San Francisco USA in 1849, where he lost his fortune, lost his mind, and finally declared himself 1st Emperor of the United States. The 2008 short film 'If I Were Emperor Of the United States...' (Emperor Norton's Decree) tells the story weller than I could:

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Crazy Fireworks in Italy

Crazy fireworks in Italy, the so called "Batteria", by Giuseppe Chiarappa.
"You cannot imagine how loud this was."