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Some of you history buffs will like these

Some of you history buffs will like these....

Never saw the likes of these photos.....

Amazing photos.......


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Big Berkey Rated #1 Gravity Water Filter After Extensive Testing...

Excellent information after water testing from an independent lab...

We have the Big Berkey and love it.

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DP Lawyers, I need some advice

I am currently involved in a Civil suit with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DoR) where they have assessed and executed taxes and penalties to the tune of $84,000 on taxes that I paid more than 10 years ago.

The years assessed were 1997-2001, and 2003. 97-99 I lived and worked outside of Georgia. 2000, 2001, and 2003 I lived and worked in Georgia, but the companies that I worked for are out of business so I cannot get the returns for those years.

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I know a veteran who says "I was in places I shouldn't have been"

I know a veteran who says "I was in places I shouldn't have been".

He doesn't talk much about the stories, but one of them was Black Hawk Down or something similar; he said he was ordered to fire at the troops we were leaving behind so they wouldn't be captured.

Imagine, that some sort of secret is worth more than a human brain which powers the Protector???

It's disturbing.

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Are you even surprised? Vote for Republican and Machine switches vote "Calibration ERROR"

It does not phase me a bit to read this article. Can you believe it again. I am sorry folks, but it should be paper ballots or NOTHING. And everyone should be required to show REAL identification. I agree with the use of a computer system to track people who voted, and check their ID, and then cross referance if thye have voted in the correct place and if they have voted yet. That is what a good computer system is for. But when it comes to casting a vote. A BLACK PEN and a piece of paper is the only way. And when they are should be video taped, and for all to see.

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Please Help Me in the Final Days of My Campaign!

We are happy to report on our continued progress as people begin voting for their representative for Colorado's third congressional district! This week we had an ad in a publication based in the San Luis Valley, and I just returned from speaking to three classes of junior and senior students at Vail Christian High School - this is the greatest honor - reaching the next generation who will have many challenges, but also, many opportunities.

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Taylor Swift parody perfectly describes everything that’s wrong with Obama’s presidency

Leave it to a Taylor Swift parody to diagnose what’s wrong with America.
Reason’s Remy responded to President Obama’s latest approval ratings — the lowest yet — with song that cleverly interweaves a series of current events.
The video plays off of Swift’s “Shake It Off.”


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Rand Paul Summons Political Operatives for 2016 Strategy Session

October 22, 2014 Sen. Rand Paul is summoning his top strategists and political advisers to Washington one week after the November election for a strategy session over his widely expected 2016 presidential bid.

The gathering of Paul's top lieutenants in the nation's capital has been quietly organized by Doug Stafford, his chief political strategist, who began reaching out to key figures in Paul's political world earlier this month, multiple sources told National Journal.