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This Appalling Practice Is Only Used in Two Nations—And the US Is One of Them

This Appalling Practice Is Only Used in Two Nations—And the US Is One of Them

"The UN has condemned one country for “using extortion, threats of violence” to collect taxes. It then turns a blind eye to another country doing exactly the same thing… but much worse."

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I have uncovered something mysterious about a "tree" comm tower in Charlotte

In the past year, anybody who has ever driven on I-485 between the Providence Rd. and Rea Rd. exits in Charlotte, NC have noticed this:

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McCain attempts to swipe back at Rand Paul over ISIS gaffe, FOX audience not having it

Senator John McCain attempted to respond to his very own gaffe by attacking Senator Paul. The comments on the Fox Facebook post are priceless…

“Sen. Paul has obviously been doing some somersaults as these beheadings took place, and the American people's opinion has shifted rather dramatically. He has even said I met with ISIS, which is patently false.”

The top comments are not looking good for John McCain...

The top 'liked' comment is, "Both parties are scared of Rand...I love it!"

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House approved Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill !

Former Rep. Ron Paul’s push to audit the Federal Reserve got another boost Wednesday when the House passed the bill for the second time in three years, and by a bigger margin than before.

The bill, now sponsored by Rep. Paul Broun, Georgia Republican, was approved on a 333-92 vote, with all but one Republican and 106 Democrats in favor of it. That’s a major jump from last time, when a majority of Democrats voted against it.

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Ben Swann's Call To Action!

Please don't just watch the video! When you've finished watching, head over here -

And follow those 10 steps to help spread liberty!!

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Rep. Massie: Audit the Fed

Congressman Massie speaks in support of HR 24, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, to Audit the Federal Reserve.

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Then and Now: What Happened?

During the 60s and 70s one illegal, unconstitutional war tore this nation apart.

Now multiple illegal, endless, unconstitutional wars are commonplace and only a handful of people try to stop them. What happened?

Is it because of the additional 50 years of indoctrination and desensitizing? Was all that outrage expressed during the Vietnam era really a result of the draft? Is this phenomenon another manifestation of embracing a culture of death? What has happened between then and now????

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ISIS™ Drives Texas-made Toyota Trucks Apparently Modified for U.S. Special Forces

Full story:

The now iconic white Toyota trucks we see ISIS™ driving around look scarily familiar to ones purchased here in the states and outfitted by special forces which puts to rest the notion that ISIS™ simply ran up to a dealership in Iraq and made off with 30 or so vehicles. They aren’t even SOLD in Iraq and certainly not with these modifications. At least not as an entire fleet.

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Justin Amash states his position on Syria

From Amash's Facebook Page:

What have we learned from the last decade of war?

Those years should have taught us that when going to war, our government must:

(1) be careful when defining a military mission,

(2) speak forthrightly with the American people about the sacrifices they will be called to make,

(3) plan more than one satisfactory end to the conflict, and

(4) be humble about what we think we know.

These lessons should be at the front of our minds when Congress votes today on whether to arm groups in Syria.

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A Soldier's Musty Virtues- Be not Afraid!

A Soldier's Musty Virtues

"How long shall we sit in our porticoes practicing idle and musty virtues,which any work would make impertinent?"

- Henry David Thoreau, Walden

I took a class in college. It had something to do with the psychology of choice. What motivates the choices of men?..... Reason? Experience? Fame? Emotion?.... Love? Hate? Fear? I guess it could be any one of these things at any given time. The premise of the class has always sparked some interest in me. The question sometimes weighs on me.Why do people do some of the things they do? How do they find courage and strength to do what is right?

I joined the Army when I was 18. In 2010, I found myself in Afghanistan, working on a Civil Affairs team on a small outpost near the Pakistan border in Eastern Afghanistan.. The summer of 2010 was perhaps one of the most intense years in the Afghanistan War to date. That summer I learned a lot of things. A lot of things about me... About life and death... About joy and sorrow. But I can name the day that really changed my outlook on living this life.

One day we received rocket, mortar, and gunfire from the hills surrounding our outposts. One of my teammates and I immediately grabbed our weapons and gear and ran for the roof of one of the buildings. We climbed to the top. We started looking through the scopes on our rifles for any sign of the Taliban on the surrounding mountainsides. We hadn't been up there for more than 5 minutes, searching,when all of a sudden the cracking and buzzing sound of bullets could be heard between us. Seconds later a rocket could be heard flying overhead and exploded outside the compound behind us. I yelled "I think they see us!" and he responded "No shit!" And that second, my buddy and I looked at each other, as if to say "Nice knowing you," and he went back to scanning. The bullets still whizzing by. I was scared shitless.

When everything calmed down and the attack stopped, I couldn't help thinking and asking my buddy, "What makes a man keep scanning,like you did, despite all the things that are going crazy around him?"