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Reminder, on with Lou Dobbs at 6:45 EST

Dobbs even advertised the upcoming interview on his show. The time is from Ron Paul's site, but I would tune in earlier just in case.

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I have never had cable

I have never had cable television and I generally detest commercial television, but I made it a point to visit a friend who was kind enough to tune in and let me watch.

Thank you, Lou Dobbs.

Ron Paul is a pleasure to listen to. He did a superb job in packing a lot of information into 2 minutes (it's absurd in this day and age that a candidate for the Republican nomination gets only 2 minutes), but my favorite, in the follow-up questions was this:

Ron Paul: "I'd get rid of NAFTA and the WTO, for that matter. I certainly don't want an American Union, and I'm sick of these plans for this highway that's gonna go through Mexico, through the US to Canada..."



Video on YouTube

Ron was awesome!

Vote for FREEDOM!

Vote for FREEDOM!

It was supposed to be 3 minutes

I was glad to see Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight. However, I was not as glad to see that Lou Dobbs backed off of his original THREE minutes offered, down to just two.

It is fortunate that Ron Paul can say more meaningful things in 2 minutes than most all other politicians typically say in 3 hours!

Don't believe me about the 3 minutes? Check the original transcript for yourself:

The following is taken directly from the CNN transcript of Lou Dobbs Tonight. Aired April 4, 2007 - 18:00 ET
Transcript available at:

(This quote is about 2/3's through the program.)


DOBBS: I'll offer every presidential candidate three minutes of uninterrupted air time on this broadcast if they will deal with the critical issues of national security and foreign policy, fiscal policy, trade policy, illegal immigration, and border security, and public education and health care.

If they'll deal with that, I'll be glad to devote three minutes of our program, uninterrupted, to every candidate who wants to deal with those issues that are, in my judgment, at least critically important. What do you think of that idea?

SCHNEIDER: I think it's a good idea. I think the candidates may take you up on it, but the first question they'll say is do you want me to address all those issues in three minutes?

DOBBS: Oh, no, no. We're going to give them time. We're talking about a long run here.


I guess that Mr. Dobbs (or his CNN handlers) decided that 3 minutes was just too much time to devote to these "critically important" questions he supposedly wants answers to!

(Of course, I'm certainly not looking forward to even TWO minutes of the drivel and B.S. that is bound to spew forth from most all of the other presidential candidates when/if they are brave enough to take their turn. But I doubt that many others will take him up on the offer anyway - they're deathly afraid of giving straight answers to important questions.)

Still... I wish that it were mandatory that each candidate for any elected office give direct answers (their "official position") to questions of obvious importance, in a way that is easily accessible by the voting public, and can be compared to the answers from all the other candidates. That way, perhaps people would vote less for charismatic demagogues and more for true statesman like Ron Paul!

Ron Paul

Ron Paul really stood out as a candidate for the people.

Went really well.

Ron Paul in 08

Taking America Back

Taking America Back