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Appellate Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie Under 1st Amendment

This will not come come as a shock to some of you, but here's another concrete example in a long list of examples of media propaganda practices:

"The attorneys for Fox, owned by media baron Rupert Murdock, successfully argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the public airwaves."


"On February 14, a Florida Appeals court ruled there is absolutely nothing illegal about lying, concealing or distorting information by a major press organization. The court reversed the $425,000 jury verdict in favor of journalist Jane Akre who charged she was pressured by Fox Television management and lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be false information. The ruling basically declares it is technically not against any law, rule, or regulation to deliberately lie or distort the news on a television broadcast."

The full article is Here.

I was unsure about the source of this information because I was unfamiliar with it, so I did some more research and contacted the clerks of the Florida District Courts (there are five). I discovered that there are actually two related cases propmting this article on the Florida Second District Court of Appeal Docket. The cases are 01-529 and 05-1267 and you are strongly encouraged to review them. Interestingly enough, Fox News represented itself in these cases as "New World Communications".

A Wiki article about the journalist states that she and her husband were fired from Fox owned-and-operated station WTVT in Tampa, Florida, for refusing to report information on the Monsanto Company's production of RBGH, a drug designed to make cows produce more milk. The Akres refused to give the report on the grounds that they knew and had documented that the information Mrs. Akre was being ordered to report was false information.

I'm curious to know what they were being pressured to report. I wager it was all bright lights and glory about RBGH. On a side note, you may find it interesting to research this drug as well.

The Akres' forced separation from WTVT is a prime example of how intentionally-misleading news "stories" are devised at "the top" and then forcibly trickled down and imposed upon journalists, and the court says they're allowed to lie. So much for "Fair and Balanced". Think of what it must be like at the top... for big-name, prime-time anchors and the like. Think of scale of lies they're forced to disseminate and the methods of coercion.

You have been warned. Think for yourself and look upon media broadcasts with extreme suspicion. If what they say doesn't make sense or seems unbelievable, it's likely the media exercising it's time-honored practice, and now 1st amendment protection, to mislead you.

"I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it."

-Thomas Jefferson

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