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Do you wish that the Daily Paul were updated more often? Me too!

Well, this is the opportunity to make your wish come true! If you'd like to blog for the site, sign up as a member, and then contact me (thankyou [at]] and I will upgrade your user status so that you can post directly to the site. Be sure to include your username when you contact me.

Anyone with a positive message about Dr. Paul and the ideas he champions is welcome. All we ask is that you use your spell check and be respectful.

Also, if anyone out there knows something about Drupal and would like to help unlock the power that I know is idling under the hood of this site (which is running on the Drupal platform) contact me!

I know that every one of us is very busy, but together, by contributing just a little bit of our time, we can make a very big difference in this campaign, as well as for the future of the country that we all love so much.

Thank you.
Michael Nystrom

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I'm new at blogging and

I'm new at blogging and joined your site today. I wanted to hit a debate issue and posted it under the article caling for people to gather at the NH debate. I'm afraid it was more of an article and I don't know how to do that.

I have two other points that I think are worth posting. One has to do with the Al
Gore interview last night on PBS. It played very much into our hands. I then went to a great site called the candidates. This site is on
global warming and the environment. A few Ron Paul folks had found the site and were responding to a response tht they need people to explain where Ron stands
as he has a low environmental rating...and little has been written. I also responded under Fonta.

Then I went to a Ron Paul forum where it was stated at the top that Ron knew the isues and bloggers didn't need to bring more up. I disagree. I think it is important when we hear something on mainstream like the Al Gore interview...know people will be looking up where Ron Paul stands...there needs to be intelligent answers.

I for one am going to be spending a lot more time at the RP Library reading everything he has said about issues that will possibly come up in debate.

Any suggestions where I should post comments and how (besides being more succinct ? I'm also going to read about formatting better now.


off topic question...

sry for straying off topic, but I want to send a RP related news item to this site. How do I contact you?

Carpe Liberatum

Carpe Liberatum


Ron Paul is left of MSNBC?

What the hell can we do. This is as bold as it can get.

Vote for FREEDOM!

Vote for FREEDOM!

The summer of our dis-content

Let me add a negative here. It is a long way until the first primary or caucuses (over 200 days by my calculation). Adding content that doesn't include something useful won't be productive or helpful. We can talk about snowboarding and such too, but that won't be in season for a while either.

The next big milestone is the debate. If there are other interviews (like nicely reminding they were supposed to get him back on), or events it would be good to echo them here and post a post-event discussion like the Dobbs interview video.

There will be plenty of action when things get closer to the election or if events (e.g. nuking iran) happen. Let this mirror reality, not create hype and inflation (and yes that is a reference to the BnB sister site).

Ron Paul is about truth and reality, and those don't take very many words.

Last, best chance for the Republic!

The march in 2008 is all uphill. But, lest one dismay, Ron Paul has TRUTH and

COMMON SENSE on his side.

Good Luck and Full Speed Ahead In Iowa January 2008.

Mark Bakkum
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Email Sent: jron

I'm looking forward to helping the site out with content.

#RonPaul @

#RonPaul @

OT: Ron Paul will be on WMUR April 27th at 7:30 pm (ET).

Ron Paul's WMUR Conversation with the Candidates segment will on April 27th at 7:30 pm (ET).

If anyone is NH can record this, please do so and post it on YouTube!

Vote for FREEDOM!