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Saudi royal prince Bandar [Bush] bin Sultan attempts COUP, and FAILs!

This SHOULD be the BIGGEST news:

200 princes out of 3000 family members, out for power struggle. Now put that next to the fact that Bandar is a confirmed MI6 asset, and a very close member of the BushCrimeFamilia circles. In fact, Bandar was the first one to invest in W's first of many failed ventures, Arbusto (shrub) Oil co. That's where he gets his nickname Bandar BUSH.

But the latest intel suggests that Bandar's reportedly met with Vladmir Putin several times recently. [If anyone has more on their meetings, please post them.]

In light of current economic crisis and the Anglo-American NWO financial collapse looming, with the Sino-Russo led Shanghai Co-Op on the rise, it seems that Bandar has other ideas about American-Anglo influence on OPEC, and the Saudis, whom they essentially OWE the Rockefellers and British Petroleum for ALL their fortunes.

Bandar moving toward Putin's circle disrupts EVERYTHING for the NWO. This is a HUGE move. American-Anglo hegemon WANTS Saudi oil under its control, as it does seem more likely that the crude will not be strictly traded in dollars. It seems the COUP was a likely move to cut off American-Anglo influence, and solidify Russian ties. But god knows what he and MI6 discussed while in London, in which soon after the coup was attempted. Was he trying to feel out the status of the Anglo-American ties, or was it a Russo-UK plot? Unlikely due to their recent history. Seems it was more than likely a move to tie the knot with Russia, against American-Anglo interests.

This makes the recent news of TWO Russian Akula class NUCLEAR submarines parked off the Eastern seaboard, all the more pertinent.

This is Putin (we all know Medvedev is powerless) essentially saying, 'Don't f*ck with us.' Russia has enough invested in Iran, to warrant a military defense against any Anglo-American-IDF moves. Now if they get Saudi Arabia under their influence, the Oil geopolitical dynamics COMPLETELY shifts. Then the battered Iraq is but a stone's throw away; considering how we're viewed there now, along with losing power of the dollar, even with the American puppet gvt in Baghdad, Maliki would have no choice but either tie the knot with the Russians, or the Chinese, or BOTH.

Also a thorn in Russia's side is oBUSHma-Brzezinski's missile shield, and Zbieggie's attempt to put Russia and China into some type of conflict. Except what the Shanghai Co-Op seems to represent is, is their way of pre-empting that agenda.

The Rubble and Remimbi (Yuan) are moving towards a basket of currency with quasi gold-backing. They're certainly preparing for OUR collapse. Though, in case of China, they will have a far LARGER unemployment and a discontent populace, while unarmed, ARE NOT AFRAID of confronting armed PRC Army troops. Not to mention a history of plebeian uprising, be it CIA-funded or not. But they do have 700 million unemployment to deal with. But some 338 million middle class, which is FAR larger than our own population, and perhaps makes up the largest group of middle class populace, as well as, the single largest block of online users in the entire world.

How all of this would turn out, remains to be seen. But what is clear, is that they're anticipating our moves.

Much of that analysis is just a tiny bit of my considerations after absorbing much of what Webster Tarpley had to say in his recent radio interviews. Tarpley, despite his utter disdain for Austrian School of Economics, his geopolitical analysis is highly scholarly and has been proven accurate, along with his 9/11 info, time and time again, as many of you may concur.

I put Tarpley in a very rare, special category of individuals whose intellect and analyses I tremendously respect, on almost all issues, INCLUDING economics. However, I UTTERLY DETEST, and VEHEMENTLY disagree with him on the SOLUTIONS in the financial milieu, to the extent I have hard time NOT throwing something at my laptop, or radio when he's on talking economics. Analysis 100% correct, but solutions? Oh vey.

Webster, as a former LaRouche-ite, this should surprise no one. They worship the altar of FDR. And to a certain extent, FDR is possibly one of the most contemptuous topics of discussion amongst Patriot circles as to where his allegiance truly lay. Since he did not live to carry out rest of his the one and only 4th consecutive Presidential term in American history, who can say?

A 33rd Degree Mason, son of an Oligarch insider. A rebel, or just Reale Politik to destroy the British Empire; take away the mantel of the English and try out OUR own version of non-military (though not so much now) economic colonization of the world? Would he have dismantled the Military Industrial Complex after WWII, had he been alive? But his children and grandchildren married into Rothschild banksters. So is he another JFK, an insider who tried to be his own man, and just knew how to play the CON better, knew the game, and learned to hold better cards? NO one can answer those. But as far as economics goes, his policies were ANYTHING BUT Austrian, wouldn't completely say Keynesian, either.

The thing that makes me wary about Tarpley's view on the FED, is that he'd like to see Treasury take over its functions, essentially nationalizing it. He wants to ban ALL foreclosures for some time, which would completely destroy liquidation of overpriced properties and many HONEST independent investors who actually provide service, unlike REO dealing mortgage companies. Then again, in some sense, it'd be no different than millions of Americans suddenly becoming wise to the instrument of Land Patents and applying it en masse.

So while not an oppressive Statist, Tarpley is an "infrastructure Statist." Loves public works projects that are meant to service the populace. Wants govt money for ONLY productive subsidies, ie factories and farms that build things here on American soil. But we all know how gvt dictated favoritism in select industries plays out. Well, if people were angels, and tax dollars really went to everything that will absolutely help the citizenry, sure. But, that is some utopian version that is even more UNREALISTIC than those LaRoucheites, Liberals, and Republicans alike, who don't believe a true Free Market exists, or can ever exist. They've always argued that monopolies would take over. They always fail to see, if the Pie of gvt tax base and subsidies were NOT there much, to begin with, for the various monopolies to pursue and leverage, it wouldn't matter.

Then again, TYRANNY and MONARCHY were the norm when this Republic were founded, so never say never to salient ideas, whose time has come. EVER!

Anyone wants to see what a Swiss-type neutral American Republic that the Founders envisioned would look like?

-To the RESTORATION of the OLD Republic!!!