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Rand Paul in New York (Webster Hall Event) "Liberty: too big to Fail"

Here's a little video I put together from the Webster Hall fundraiser from two nights ago. Thanks to Nick and Isaiah for organizing this in only 6 days! Hope I helped out some there last minute boys! -Doctor Jones

Stay Free!

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Rand just a cool grand away to breaking 200K

Bump it for freedom!

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Maybe he should change his name back to Randall for his political life. Hollywood does it all the time, and that's what he was called when he was younger and in highschool.

It would stop all the liberals from talking about this Ayn Rand nonsense.

Rand Paul Fundraiser

We had 250 + people there easily. It was an awesome event. Please forward the vide to everyone you know and don't forget, today is the Schiff money bomb.

I believe it was around 300

300 give or take. I just remember at the peak moments not being able to move around that well and the bar was impossible to get to.


Thank you for posting this video

bump for activism.

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Thanks for the video. nice clips

How many people were there?


Great grassroots video!

Great grassroots video!

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Long live the Revolution!