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US Pledges Military Support for Somali Govt

Clinton Pledges US Military Support for Floundering Somali Govt
State Dept Official Says Obama Plans to Double Supply of Arms
by Jason Ditz

Following a meeting with the president of Somalia’s floundering “transitional government” Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged US military support to keep the government in power and fighting against the al-Shabaab insurgency. She also threatened unspecified action against nearby Eritrea for what she described as “interference with the rights of the Somali people.”

Clinton claimed the al-Shabaab insurgency wanted to take over Somali in hopes of luring al-Qaeda to the nation and to spread its influence. President Ahmed added that al-Shabaab wanted to “destabilize the whole world” with unspecified attacks.

The Secretary of State also said she was particularly concerned that the insurgency uses not only foreign money, but “foreign ideas” in the battle. Other officials in the State Department said that President Obama plans to double its funneling of weapons ot the Somali government, from 40 tons to 80 tons.

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What is the "al-Shabaab insurgency"

A bunch of fisherman that don't like us dumping nuclear waste on their shores??

"military SUPPORT"

Really, does the military do anything humanitarian anymore?

What the hell?

Another adventure into other people's business? Just come home!