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BREAKING - (R) Sen. Mel Martinez Resigning - TODAY?

What is going on? Does anyone know? People are dropping out as in Atlas Shrugged.

Florida Republican Senator Mel Martinez has Resigned
by mdgarcia
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Fri Aug 07, 2009 at 07:35:57 AM PDT

This is breaking from CNN. Senator Mel Martinez has resigned.

Senator Martinez had previously said he was not running for reelection in 2010. Governor Charlie Crist(R) is running for the seat Martinez will vacate. But now we learn Martinez has resigned his seat today. One can only wonder what is really going on there. Whatever is going on, let me be one of the first to say, good riddance.

Governor Crist will now appoint someone (himself maybe) to finish Martinez's term.

I'll post more as news comes in.




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My guess

He got stung and decided he would rather quit than be used as a "lesson" by MSM and Obamadmin

I believe neocons out cons and neolibs out libs and MSM misleads by making people assume it is a right vs left, Dem Vs GOP... I think the neocons outted Foley, DeLay, Stevens, Craig... on and on... anyone who was a Conservative and not a neocon... Neolibs outted the liberals... MSM makes us think the Dems out the GOP and visaversa.. I don't think so. I think he got "betrayed" (probabaly Jeb's group)

I hope Charlie Crist

doesn't become senator. That is going from bad to worse....

My guess

He knows something..And hes about to crack...And they want him out before he talks.

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

It's a lot easier to win as an incumbent

They do this pretty often when they decide to retire. It gives their choice a firmer position to run from.

CONieving bunch of weasels....

damn them all.

My guess

They know what is coming, and don´t wanna take it no more...


Front Fell Off

Good Riddance!

He is part of the problem not the solution! I do; however, wonder why Mel is getting out...Is this ahead of some scandal? Wouldn't surprise me.