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With all this protest stuff going on, does anybody expect to see a false flag?

I was a little kid in the 90s when the oklahoma city bombing happened but even I remember you couldnt turn on the news without seeing something about the "bad" militia, and right now you cant turn on the news without seeing something about the "bad teabaggers", so I am just wondering is anybody expecting a false flag soon to shut up our movement?

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Every minute of the day

It's coming. Although with our current financial situation, it may not be a false flag. At this point a "real flag??" is very likely.

False Flag

The Fed will hold the economy up for a couple of years in order to diffuse the swelling grassroots protests, and also to make Paul and like minded persons look like idiots. 2012 I would intuit, is the target date for total collapse. Although I would expect numerous mass shootings by psychotics in preparation to confiscate guns. They can not totally takeover this country with a couple hundred million guns and billions of rounds of ammo floating around.


Also, I have this strange feeling that town hall meetings will be on the list for such activity.

False flag!

It very well maybe!

Look for the sign..

Look for the sign.. Normalization tacktics.
naughty, naught