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Japan's Debt Crisis

Japan's Future Scary?

Japan is has the third highest public debt to GDP ratio in the world. Only the very economically sound countries of Lebanon and Zimbabwe have higher ratios of public debt to GDP. This debt is causing economic woes in Japan now and well cause more problems in the future if the government debt is not brought down. Japan has basically been in economic stagnation for almost two decades now.

America should learn from Japan and not take the same path.

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What a damn shame.....

I always thought that there could never be a worse president than Bush and I admit that even a bitter me is shocked at the ineptness of Obama. How can he not see the path that California is taking?!!?!?! They are litterally broke and yet California has doubled the size of its government in the last 9 years and we are doing the same damn thing!!! I dont get it! Now look at Japan (nice article Laozi... by the way, I love Laozi, he was the opposite to Confusius, who believed in government, while Laozi believed government should stay the hell away from people) and see where they are. My father voted for Obama in hopes that a real conservative would come after the GOP had learned their lesson and I told him that I just couldnt follow him because I feared Obama would cause too much damage in 8 years and that it wasnt worth the sacrafice. My father said "there is no way someone can cause this much damage in a short 4 years..." boy was he wrong. Even I cant take credit because I never believed it would actually go this far! Thanks for the message, Laozi.

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

Thanks. The debt the

Thanks. The debt the government is racking up is truely insane.