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Town hall goon squads

AFL-CIO blasts "corporate mobs" at recess town hall meetings

The AFL-CIO has called on its union affiliates to defend lawmakers’ health care reform Town Hall meetings from “Corporate…mob rule” in recent days.

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney sent out a memo this week outlining a blue-print for union members to counter the campaign of fear and intimidation in which hired thugs are infiltrating health care town hall meetings to heckle, disrupt and even physically assault health care reform advocates.

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How dare any citizens take issue with socialized healthcare! I wonder what that "bluprint" they are using to counter fear and intimidation...

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the natural result of increasing government

force is conflict between those who want to impose their programs on us and the people who want to keep their rights.

I agree that the recent publicity regarding town hall meetings..

...will make them ripe for infiltration of provocateurs.

But it appears that some are taking opportunity to label in advance those who object to this phoney-baloney health care reform as infiltrators.

it is not the infiltrators i'm afraid of

it is the goon squad that is being hired to silence any objections. the afl-cio is putting together "protection" to make sure the party line is heard, and not shouted down. by any means necessary

Unfortunately, I see the opportunity for both.

"The angry healthcare mobs that have been disrupting Democratic town halls over the past weeks" is already becoming an excuse for Reps to not do the town hall meetings.

"Congressman Miller, much like a growing number of his House colleagues, will not be holding any healthcare town hall events during the August recess."

“Congressman Brian Baird of Washington [...] also announced that he won’t be scheduling any town hall meetings over the August recess because of what he called, quote, ‘a lynch-mob mentality out there. There is an ugliness to it,’ he said,” according to Maddow."


I think if both methods are used, infiltrators to make sure those who oppose the healthcare plan look like out of control troublemakers, and thugs to suppress genuine dissent, people who don't really know what this healthcare plan entails will have the idea planted in their minds that opposing it is something only extremists and radicals are doing.

Watch these town hall meetings get ugly...

when the liberty movement/teapartiers/conservatives figure out they can hire their own security and bring their own muscle to counter the big union guys.

This is so going to backfire on the Democrats.

really? the largest workers union in our nation...

taking an organized stance against individual standing up to their reps and no one cares.

Who said I didn't care,

Who said I didn't care, Clickk-Clickk Fight fire with fire. I am ready. No shortage of peace pellets around my neighborhood.

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