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Is Peter Schiff's moneybomb indicative of how Rand Paul's will go?

Curious to hear your thoughts. Not that today wasn't a success. I just was hoping for more. Will the "Paul" name bring in more. Any analysis is welcome and appreciated.

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rand's will be bigger

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Rand's money bomb will be a

Rand's money bomb will be a success no matter if he raises 1 million or not. Peter doing well will help Rand do well and Rand doing well will help Peter do well on his next event which is already being planned and so on.

Keep in mind that Rand has the last name Paul which will always draw more money for his campaign.

www.Retakecongress.com and www.revolutionbroadcasting.com are going to do for Rand broadcast wise just what we did for Peter today and is what we continue to do every day!




I don't disagree with you.

I just really want Rand to raise a million on August 20th.

Most of us anticipated more. I need to do more to get the word out about Rand and August 20th.

Sorry, I wasn't sure where you were coming from.

This site is getting flooded with so many confused people that don't realize that everyone enjoys liberty, yet.

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Maybe I'm confused...

But it looks like Schiff's bomb was incredibly successful to me. $700k in one day for a senate race in a year from now for a guy who is a political newcomer is pretty awesome in my book.

The $700K is not one day's worth.

Peter has received almost 250K today. Yesterday at 6:32 pm CST, Peter had raised 465K up to that point. Today's money bomb is in addition to the 465K he already had.

But a today of $700K or $750K for one month is excellent.

Peter has many, many contacts that will help his campaign outside of the money bombs.

he didn't raise 700,000 in one day

he had already raised approximately 475,000 before the day started.

They're talking about 2 different guys

English translation: "Is Peter Schiff's moneybomb indicative of how Rand Paul's will go.?"

Also in english

we don't typically put a question mark after a period. It's just one or the other.

Buddy. Take a chill. Obviously we can all make mistakes.

I honestly thought it was mike from Sweden. I never read the name. I thought he was talking swedish. I swear, no offense intended.



I'm sorry dude. I thought m72mc wrote it.

No offense intended at all.

I'm just being cute.

My grammar is horrible and I am overly sensitive.

I'm no grammar cop. I hate those guys.

just so we're cool. . .

Some have a way with words....

others not have way.


Yes, it means he can raise 150-200K in one day.

That's not the end of the world tho.

I already gave Rand $100 and

I already gave Rand $100 and will give $100 more during his Bomb.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

I just wonder what happened with all the pledges...

But I think they included just support and not actual money support..

So I think the Rand Paul....will bring in more...


Front Fell Off

I was wondering about the pledges as well

But I think you are right about the support.

Today felt a little like the NH primary when we all expected a much larger showing.