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Swine Flu Scare for Shelter, Safety, and Sanitation -- Sanitation of Noncompliants and Enemy Combatants That Is!

I received an e-mail about the real or contrived Flu Pandemic that may sweep the
northern hemisphere this Fall. I found the subject matter and the take on what may transpire to be quite an interesting
perspective. Conspiracy theorists will love this one. I have added
references to the topics discussed in the e-mail in the form of hyperlinks. Here's the e-mail I received. I have decided to title it: Swine
Flu Scare for Shelter, Safety and Sanitation

[Begin e-mail]

Hi friends, I had a revelation the other day about this Swine Flu scare.

are the people that will most likely refuse government orders to get in line
and receive a mandatory Swine Flu shot? Or check in at one of the many militarized FEMA quarantine community centers being established throughout the United States should there be a
shortage of vaccines or none available in time? Will it be health care workers,
emergency response teams, FEMA employees, military internment camp guards being hired right now, parents with children in public
schools, Wall Street Executives who will refuse to obey? Not a chance.

people who will refuse to accept such demands will be liberty loving people. And those who
have lost faith and trust in their government, who are armed, have the necessary medical supplies and other necessities on hand to weather a quarantine on their own. They will self impose a quarantine on themselves and take their chances. The only
problem is we don’t have a benevolent government that trusts its people to do
the right thing.

speaking, where does that leave the government should they declare a national
health emergency with a mandatory vaccination program or worse, mandatory
quarantine internment camps for civilians and a controlled environment for the
administration of the "vaccines"? It leaves the government with a small percentage
of “rogue citizens” who may have done their research, think there is no threat, and believe in preparedness and self responsibility while going about their business of day-to-day survival.

question is, would the government accept a citizen's position of flu self shielding? Look
at the track record during times of crisis and ask yourself what the result
will be. Case in point, people trying to walk out of New
Orleans during Katrina were turned back to suffer in
the disease covered streets, and citizens in surrounding neighborhoods were disarmed. All I know is that if
a majority of people are sheltered in a FEMA camp, being shot up, God forbid,
with an experimental non approved vaccine, or hopefully, an inert placebo vaccine,
while being fed and clothed, will they ever see or hear about their fellow
countrymen living out in the open with personal self determination? Is it
plausible for domestic or foreign troops to receive orders from the Executive Branch to eliminate combatants for the public health and safety? Will they follow those unlawful orders,
even if it were shown there was no public health crisis? Would there be any
evidence of such a crime should they murder citizens who did not comply in reporting to an internment camp or mandatory vaccination center? If the
self reliant individual is murdered because they refused orders, couldn’t the criminal or anyone for that matter, claim they probably died of Swine Flu because they did not
comply with orders to be quarantined and/or vaccinated?

the compliant and kill the combatant out of view

have heard of the mass graves being prepared and caskets being bought and stored in mass by government,
but logically speaking is there really anyway to bury millions of dead scattered
all over the country? Victims of the 1918 Spanish Flu, which was a real
pandemic, were stacked up like cordwood and some had to be buried in mass
graves as they ran out of people to dig graves. What is the population of the United States
nearly 100 years later? Even with FEMA’s purchase of hundreds of
thousands of caskets and the unexplained vast expansion of cemetery graves in various locations is
there enough room for pandemic level deaths. I don’t think so. However there will be adequate room for enemy combatants. Maybe all those
caskets and graves are designed for them so that the Brave New World can finally emerge without

Food for thought!

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And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

Wow, thanks for this one. It is very valuable

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