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...If Schiff wins his senate seat it will be electric

Anyone else becoming increasingly excited about this race.

I was talking to some republican who though that Bill Ayers should be jail for refusing conscription from the government that ordered him to kill Vietnamese people against his will. I hate having to listening to the bombastic John McCain claim we need bomb everything.

Having Schiff there with a 6 year term and the ability to say whatever he wanted on the senate floor would be awesom.

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i can think of other reasons

ayers should be in jail. i hope we don't revere that communist lunatic here.


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul


I like him because he refused comply to government conscription and he also refused to go to prison for refusing to comply.

If he committed any violent crimes well I can't endorse that, but was certainly correct to refuse the evil empire's demands of him.

I think he just may win.


Everytime you get a chance, mention Peter to people in all forms of electronic media or daily discussions.

Just the shock effect of the Senate losing Dodd, would make the other Senators listen.