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Feds/CDC asking for vaccine advice from citizens (PA/NJ meeting soon)

I just want to put this out there for any fellow patriots who would like to attend this meeting to help me represent the interests of self-ownership of our bodies and freedom in personal health care decisions.

I am registered to attend this meeting in Bucks County PA a week from Saturday, August 22nd from 9am-3pm (registration and lunch is free of charge). Apparently the CDC is using this to measure citizen sentiment regarding their approach to the anticipated medical emergency and accelerated vaccination plan.

Below is an excerpt from this site, which includes a link to the meeting agenda as well: http://www.keystone.org/H1N1

The CDC is asking for public discussion, deliberation and input as the agency considers whether to simply make vaccines available to those seeking immunization, to promote vaccination to those most at risk or to implement a widespread immunization program.

Space is limited. Registration is required for participation and you must be able to attend the meeting for the entire day.

Here is the link to this particular meeting with the registration link:


If anyone is planning to attend please contact me, I would like to take the opportunity to meet other freedom loving patriots and refine the message(s) we would like to relay to both the meeting organizers and fellow attendees.

In addition to the issues regarding government handling of this pandemic flu, this is an opportunity to remind our government that many if not most of us average citizens still desire to be free, that we recognize govt intrusion to be in the interest of select corporations over individual citizens, etc.

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'registration is required'...

No thanks.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

Yeah, the registration thing is almost akin to gun registration


But just because we register doesn't nec mean they'll attach our views to our name after the fact?

But the founders publicly signed their names to one of the most subversive documents in history - the Declaration of Independence.

Those who signed payed dearly - but they did the right thing.







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Yes, they did a great job

I don't know how much it can get improved on but please put forth the effort.

Thank you

Although I do think they are just trying to create the illusion that the people are asking for mandatory vaccines, to shift the blame. If these become more heated than the town halls, maybe we'll get some coverage. That's a good thing!

I just posted my opinion here:
"When it comes to vaccine-or-quarantine, we're aiding and abetting our enemy"

That is my reason for showing up!

While they are trying to cultivate the illusion of a public asking for mandated vaccines, I hope to help destroy it.

Hopefully a few people pointing out:
- the obvious shared financial interests among govt/pharma
- suspicious government granted legal protection from vaccine damage liability granted to BOTH vaccine makers and the govt
- the past disaster in 1976 flu vaccine
- the unfounded fear inducing propaganda comparing this to the 1918 spanish flu (which killed via secondary infections during the pre-antibiotic age of medicine)

In addition to reminding our would be dictators that we are not as dumb as they would like us to be, I hope to plant the seeds of doubt in those who may be attending and have not yet realized they have been chugging the government kool-aid.

Good points!

I was thinking of saying the same kinds of things. And this:

-Why weren't the vaccine trials conducted using vaccines WITH the controversial adjuvant squalene, which has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome, and which, we are told, may be added to many batches of the vaccine?
-Why isn't the public allowed to know up front what the exact quarantine contingency plans are? What excuses the secrecy?

Things like that.

Thank you for the additional talking points!

There are SO many good points to bring up that are both outrageous and easily verifiable. I am sure I'll end up missing some points, but anything else you can think of that is particularly difficult to dispute would be much appreciated.

For example I would not try to argue a link between vaccines and autism at this venue, they are probably anticipating that and would attempt to then marginalize someone expressing that view. There are more than enough points that have been made apparent by official sources, government approved news sources, CDC statistics, Model State Health Powers legislation, etc.


"There are more than enough points that have been made apparent by official sources, government approved news sources, CDC statistics, Model State Health Powers legislation, etc."

Thank you for being aware!



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