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Women dissed by SJL with cell call challenges her to debate on HR3200


Uh, oh. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee might have stepped in it too deep this time. Remember the phone call she has been taking heat for? You know, the one at the town hall that she took while Trace Miller was asking her a question about HR 3200, the Democrat’s attempt to socialize healthcare in America?

During a television appearance on Fox News’ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, Rep. Jackson Lee invited Ms. Miller to attend the remaining town halls she is having so that she could “tell her, there was no offense, sorry Trace, we can work through this and I hope I can convince her to support HR 3200″.

Well, Ms. Miller has taken this one step further and asked Rep. Jackson Lee to either debate her on the bill or to share the stage with her at a forum on the bill. Take a look:


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Tracy is going to be on

Tracy is going to be on Greta Van Susteren tonight talking about her challenge with Sheila Jackson Lee. Tune in! :)

I think it's possible to

I think it's possible to make this happen if we make this viral in the media- then the pressure will mount. It could really help shape the dialog. With pressure this could make similar debates happen around the country that could bear more fruit then the current town halls which would be a win for us.

As far as Tracy knowing the issues, keep in mind that when she was interrupted she was specifically calling out civil liberties, and concluded about a path to tyranny. I should note, Tracy is a friend.

Alert the media! Viral

Alert the media!

Viral possibilities here.

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Traci Miller for Congress

Yo, Texans! Get hold of Traci and get her to run against SJL. Traci is articulate (and she's a knock-out babe as well) and could hold her own against her windbag Congresswoman.




That would be

awesome (although not likeley) If they did debate I hope Ms. Miller has facts and a real understanding of the issue. The last thing we need is someone spouting nonsense.

Awesome!!! Now, let us see.....

if Rep. Jackson will accept her invitation!

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Good for her!

I hope the debate or forum occurs...

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I'd pay to see this....

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