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Anyone else notice how people who pay with food stamps usually have a buggy overflowing, while people with cash have much less.

Anyone else notice how people who pay with food stamps and food stamp cards usually have a buggy overflowing with the best of food, while people who pay with their own money have much less.

I have been noticing this as a growing trend. As I pulled up behind one of these packed buggies the other day, the lady was having a hard time putting all of her groceries in her bags so I volunteered to help with the heavy stuff. As I watched her check out, sure enough she was using one of those food stamp cards. According to this purchase, she could afford three times as much as I could AND she got cash back! And there was no sign of any disability!

I have no problems with helping people who need help, but it made me think of Ron Paul and what he says about the nanny state and how this country is slipping more and more towards socialism.

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Ralph Waldo, maybe it hasn't

Ralph Waldo, maybe it hasn't occurred to you that that person is shopping for his or her family's groceries for an entire month, to save on transportation, whereas you have the luxury of going to the supermarket at the drop of a hat...
You sure have a peculiar sense of what to be irritated about. If you like, I can make a few suggestions in that regard. Let me know...

Actually the original post was a question and comment at

the end about how it reminded me of what RP has said about our country slipping towards socialism.

The part that kinda bothered me was that after she paid for her groceries, she got back more money in cash than I had to spend on my groceries. After helping her load her groceries, I started to ask her to loan me $20.

At least in many urban

At least in many urban areas, the "poor" are usually herded together in projects etc., with little concern for how they became poor in the first place. Those with political influence are too worried about their petty little "property values" to let development spread populations more evenly out, hence prefer zoning those with a few less dollars than themselves into ghettos where they don't "blight" the "nice, educated, progressive" folks with their presence.

So, the end result is, someone being poor due to being a single parent of multiple children, are being herded together with those who are poor due to substance abuse (drug abstinence strategy courtesy of our always brilliant governments). Which means you have a perfect setup for trade in food stamps. To those who need crack, $50 in cash are worth more than $100 in food stamps. To a mother with mouths to feed, the opposite is true. So they come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Hence, I would not be surprised if many of the "big spenders" at the checkout are spending more than their own original allocation of food stamps. I would actually be very surprised if they were not, as even out here in California, the actual amount someone gets in food stamps are hardly luxurious, so there are obviously other factors at play when someone strolls in an buys fillet mignon for themselves and 6 fat kids.

A people dependent on Big Brother will fight for Big Brother

Pretty sad that the ones that slave day in and day out have to eat worse than the people that sit at home and watch TV all day because they are forced to pay for them to do so.

IMO, these people should be eating no better than the slaves, actually worse since they don't work. Another stupid reason why this country is crumbling....

"There can be only one permanent revolution - a moral one: The regeneration of the inner man."

"The body is but a vessel for the soul,
A puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny.
And lo, the body is not eternal,
For it must feed on the flesh of others,
Lest it return to the dust whence it came.
Therefore the soul deceives and despises."

anyone else notice

when you drop doughnuts cops become disoriented. It's worse than pepper spray for them.

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Well, they know they are

Well, they know they are down there but can't bend over far enough to find them.

I think we got better things

I think we got better things to focus on than food stamps. Compared to what our country wastes on defense and foreign wars, I could care less. grant

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Actually we spend much more on welfare than warfare

Our welfare programs amount to about 10 times as much as our active wars, and about 3 times as much as our whole, bloated military machine. Don't get me wrong, the wars we are involved in are heinous and immoral. However, the plain facts are that they don't cost near as much as our welfare programs. If you don't believe me, go look up the federal budget. It's published twice a year.

Tom Mullen
author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America

Hey, Tom! Thanks for the 'Return To Common Sense.'

I give them out at the Tea Parties in my area, and I had some at the fair in the Republican booth.


The main purpose of the food stamp program is to create a rift between "rich" and "poor". As long as the rich blame the poor for being lazy slobs and the poor blame the rich for being greedy and selfish, the government can continue to rape us all without effective resistance.

I agree, since there are

I agree, since there are probably a lot of people who come here who accept food stamps for whatever reason. They want us fighting among ourselves. I say everyone here should go out and apply for food stamps. You can even buy seeds with food stamps and plant and grow your own food, that you can give away to widows and orphans. What we can't do is point fingers at people who go out and use food stamps to buy drugs, who cares. grant

im in a college town and the

im in a college town and the crackheads down by the river will sell their $140 foodstamp cards for a small amount of cash sometimes as low as $40. I LOVE FOODSTAMPS!!!

might not stimulate the economy but sure stimulates my fridge :) :) :) I just bought $40 worth of lobster on foodstamps a few days ago should have seen the clerks face.

Excuse me, isn't this an

Excuse me, isn't this an admission of felony fraud?

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."
Thomas Jefferson, 1799

"Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."
Thomas Jefferson, 1799

ya just keep it between me

ya just keep it between me and you, dont say shit to no one...

When I was 21 I worked part

When I was 21 I worked part time at a Circle K while I was going to college. I would see cars pull up with 7 kids and each one would come in and buy a 5 cent candy. Each one would have a $1 food stamp so I had to give them 95 cents back in coins. I would see them hand the money to whoever had brought them and they would come inside and buy cigarettes or beer! Wtf, so i got smart and charged them all the candies to only 1 food stamp and kicked them out. This of course would outrage the person driving and I even had a couple with enough nerve to come in and complain about what I was doing.

Murrieta, Ca

Your not the only one to notice.

I shop at ALDI's a low priced grocery store in my area. I will have a small box of groceries that cost around $35.00. And in front of me will be food stamp folks with an overflowing cart of groceries.

This happens nearly every time I go.

I wonder if I could qualify for food stamps? Maybe we should all just apply for EVERY govt. program there is and help bankrupt the system>

You know what I find

You know what I find amazing. I have been audited twice in the last two years for a settlement of 10k that I have received in 2005. As of now I have paid 13.5k for that measly settlement because I assumed the lawyers took out the taxes on it...... This was not fun and it hurt a lot because who has 13k on hand especially if You are just getting by....

Now I have to pay taxes on all my earnings right? Well why on earth do people on welfare get EARNINGS but yet they pay 0% in taxes? I do believe that these people need to give back to society instead of just take from society... and here is another point why on earth are these people eating steak and prepackaged microwaveable food. These people on welfare should not have the same luxuries as the middle class. I think they need to be cooking everything from scratch and just get enough to buy the bare essentials ...

The tax issue-someone on

The tax issue-someone on welfare became so angry talking to me on the phone when I mentioned Ron Paul last Spring. They practically yelled at me, "He wants to take away our income taxes, and in our case, we don't pay very much in, and get a nice big check back at the end of the year-that would really hurt us!!!" They decided to hang up, when I commented, "yes but where do you think that money comes from?" The gov. isn't just giving you free money. I made them furious, just by trying to get them to think a little.

I can relate to this----we are collecting signatures to put a

measure on the ballot to VOTE DOWN the recent tax measure voted in by our Oregon Legislature.
One person would not sign the petition because he worked for the government, and the government steals taxes from us to pay his salary!

"No sign of any disability"

As a disabled vet, I take offense to the notion that disabilities must be apparent to others or you'll be judged as some kind of scam artist.

I was on food stamps back in the mid 90's with my wife and then one child after I got out of the military. We were glad to have it - as embarrassing as it was - but we certainly couldn't "pack the buggy" with groceries.

What we took offense to (then and now) was how many illegal aliens were receiving food stamps too.

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If your disability is due to war service, you should

receive full compensation benefits from the warhawk administration responsible for the war. I'm saying you are owed so much for your injuries, that food stamps wouldn't be necessary. Politicians have been allowed to shirk their responsibilities too long.
Food stamps wouldn't be necessary in this country if the government were not impoverishing the people and rendering them helpless to overcome inflation, taxation, restrictions on employment and productivity etc.
The powerful root of the problem needs to be eliminated; poor people are not the problem.


Why does the place you were born change the morality?

Why is it okay for people born in the US to participate but not people born in Mexico?

I don't get it. It seems to me that the food stamp program is wrong no matter who gets the goods. Being born on one side or the other of an imaginary line doesn't make it okay.

The only shred of morality that can possibly be attributed to the food stamp program comes from the fact that there are some hungry folks who could benefit from some free food. [not supporting the program, just stating the only moral defense I can think of] But if you are going to hang your hat on that, then you must admit that there are a heck of a lot more truly hungry people in Mexico than there are here, so why - morally speaking - is it better to feed hungry Americans than hungry illegals?

If the moral justification is to feed the hungry, why is citizenship important?

There is a difference in my opinion.

I think it is ok forUS Citizens who have paid taxes to receive food stamps at a later time. It is one of the very few ways to get money back that the government has already stolen.

Immigrants who are here illegally and who have not paid taxes should not receive any of these benefits. They should only receive these types of benefits through volunteer charities.


How about Americans who have not paid taxes or who have already taken in benefits far more than they have ever paid in taxes?

By the way, illegals pay taxes too. They pay sales tax, they pay property tax indirectly in their rent, they pay utility taxes, they pay gas tax and other excise taxes as well.

Not saying I support illegal immigration. But it is a diversion. The problem with food stamps is not illegals. The problem with food stamps is that it is a socialist program and it should be eliminated.

It's screwy-Being poor and fat.

Where is the outrage about the banksters rolling in 24 trillion with no answer where the money is going? Does't take much imagination to know. Glutonous hogs living like royalty on the taxpayers tab.
Food stamps is chump change compared to these bastards.

You hit the nail on the head!

Several years ago I worked as a cashier. I could ALWAYS tell when someone was paying with food stamps. Their shopping carts were filled to the brim. They purchased items I could only dream about eating (rib eye steaks, lobster, etc.) I remember one time when I was 8 months pregnant a lady came through my line with a huge cart. A box of snack cakes rang up 10 cents too much, and she made a federal case out of it. I needed the job so I didn't say anything. But now years later I wish I had said hey leach you aren't paying for any of these groceries anyway. Since I am helping to pay for your groceries here is a dime and go stick it up your a##!

what about

the people who barter with their stamps. Just the other day somebody asked me...you want to buy some food stamps...a girl I know will sell 150.00 worth for 60.00. We can only guess what the cash would be used for.

Of course I said no thanks. He then said if I change my mind let him know, she does it every month.

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

This was one of the reasons

This was one of the reasons I grew to hate the program even as a child. We had some unfortunate children in our neighborhood, whose parents cared more about purchasing their cigarettes, drinks and drugs than using the food stamps to buy food for their children.

"In Nazi Germany

... if you didn't take care of your family, Hitler would put you in a concentration camp until you wanted too." ~ A former German Soldier I worked with. He didn't think Hitler was that bad at all. Sounds like we could use some of that here. Oh, I forgot, "We are free" to buy cigarettes and beer with the money the state is paying for our children's food. The sad thing, the kids still love mom and dad, and probably be just like them, the way the people who live in ivory towers want.