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Mr. Independent Goes Soft on Softcore Socialism.

Last week, CNN's Lou Dobbs began a month long, nation-a-night series to "learn from other countrys' healthcare plans." He's already toured the single payer systems of Denmark, Canada, and England, and the heavily regulated public/private plans of Germany, France, Holland, and Switzerland. And, as if he were channeling Michael Moore or something, he's been rattling off stats showing that most of these universally covered foreigners are spending less on healthcare, but living longer than we do.
What gives, Mr. Independent? Have you gone soft on softcore socialism? Do you realize that you're actually making the "government takeover of healthcare" look pretty darn good? It seems Dobbs can read all sorts of fair and balanced words from a script, but he is willfully deaf to their meaning. Anything that doesn't fit his worldview, he doesn't hear, it doesn't compute, and he goes blank. As he did last week when he interviewed Obama's former doctor, David Scheiner. The fact that Scheiner had criticized the president's healthcare plan was enough to land him on Lou Dobbs Tonight, but the fact that Scheiner had criticized Obama from the left for ignoring single-payer plans simply couldn't find an empty berth to tie up to in Dobb's brain. Dr. Scheiner passionately, and at length, explains to Dobbs that it is private insurance companies that are standing between doctors and their patients, not the government. "The government never gets in the way," Scheiner explains, "In Medicare, 40 years of Medicare, they've never interfered with me giving care."
"Medicare is -- I'm sorry, which is interfering?" replies a glowering Dobbs, who apparently wasn't listening at all. Yet even after Scheiner carefully explains yet again, Dobbs kept on: "But the argument is that with government-run healthcare, there would be great intrusion by the government."

Lou's habit of hearing only what he wants to hear is similar to arguments I've seen here, on THIS forum!