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Early Arrival of Swine Flu Season Linked to Low Sun Activity

The early arrival of the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak in the Northern Hemisphere this year is linked to the rapid cooling of the planet due to low Solar activity. The Sun has been in a low state of activity for more than two years now, but you probably already knew that. What, nobody told you about that? I wonder why? Well let me be the first to inform you of the situation.

For all you amateur scientists out there, sunspots are an indication of increased solar activity. The Sun for more than two years has had virtually no sunspots. Solar Cycle 23 has ended and Solar Cycle 24 has really yet to begin with 78% of the year so far with sunspot free days, and 687 sunspot free days since 2004. A typical solar minimum is 485 days. See http://www.spaceweather.com/ for the sunspot number.

You see folks, the weather and climate change are not your fault. The Sun is the predominant influence on the Earth's climate and temperature by far compared to the immeasurable minuscule effects of CO2. NASA satellites and Argo ocean temperature measuring instruments indicate the atmosphere and oceans have been cooling down for some time now.

If you had been paying attention you would have seen articles such as this as far back as February 2008;
Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling
And more recently;
Deepest Solar Minimum in Nearly a Century
NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming
Interior Alaska gets hit by early August frost

The evidence of Solar Global Cooling effects on the planet is becoming painfully clear with the many reports of a cooler than normal Summer of 2009 in the northern hemisphere and will usher in an early start to Winter. The early arrival of the next flu pandemic, the Mexican flu strain stateside, should be acknowledged as a phenomenon we have no control over. Give credit where credit is due, It's the Sun Stupid, and be on the lookout for the arrival of an early flu season this year.

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What better time to

initate a pandemic than on the second year of major cooling trend that way the virus can spread more easily.

Gotta hand it to those eugenicists for making one heck of a bug.

Thanks Baxter.

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CO2 is helping to save the

CO2 is helping to save the planet.
Can new growth save the Amazon rainforest?

Take Vitamin D supplements


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



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ive been telling people this for years

everybody thinks im crazy on this idea, which drives me nuts its not that hard to believe


Thanks Michael.

Walstreetpro2 has a new

Walstreetpro2 has a new video.
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Sunspot number: 0 What is

Sunspot number: 0
What is the sunspot number?
Updated 15 Aug 2009

Spotless Days
Current Stretch: 36 days
2009 total: 178 days (78%)
Since 2004: 689 days
Typical Solar Min: 485 days

The Role of Sunspots and

The Role of Sunspots and Solar Winds in Climate Change

David Archibald - Global

David Archibald - Global Warming & Sunspots explained

carbon dioxide pumps

One of these days, there may be a demand for pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a solution against global cooling.

Astronomers: Sun's Output

Astronomers: Sun's Output May Decline Significantly Inducing Another Little Ice Age On The Earth

Climate Depot is the best

Climate Depot is the best source for real climate news.

only anecdotal

There's an alpine group of lakes I've visited every summer for almost 20 years. Years ago, there were always glaciers remaining in July and August. Then, for about 10 years, there were no glaciers...looks like global warming, right?

This summer, the glaciers were back as big and glorious as ever.

(I'm using the word "glacier" to identify blocks of ice and snow that measure the size of a basketball court or a football field...although a geologist would probably reserve the word "glacier" for objects much bigger.)

People mistake anecdotal

People mistake anecdotal evidence for real science but I would really like to see some pictures of those icebergs.


Search for "Snowy Range"

Correlation between low sunspot numbers and flu????

No question that the sunspot numbers have been down in the trough of the 11 year cycle for an unusually long period of time.

There is a correlation between solar activity and earth temperature, probably modulated through more cloud formation when solar radiation is lower.

But, where is the evidence that low sunspot numbers are correlated with flu outbreaks? The 11 year sunspot cycle around the time of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was just past its peak of mid 1917, so the sunspot numbers then were closer to peak than trough and were considerably higher than right now.

Please enlighten me.

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There is an indirect

There is an indirect correlation but not a direct correlation. An early arrival of flu season is not always an effect of low sun activity but this year it is.

An early arrival of winter

An early arrival of winter due to global cooling caused by low sun activity causing the flu season to start early is the link.

The early arrival of the

The early arrival of the Swine flu might be because it came out of a lab.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Prominent scientists push to

Prominent scientists push to revise physics society climate statement

Australian Senate Rejects

Australian Senate Rejects Rudd’s Cap and Trade Emissions Plan