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Peter Schiff: Retail sales, CPI, the markets, unfair political attacks

Schiff Report video Blog August 14, 2009


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"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Regarding Inflation

Shiff is correct.

Inflation is showing in almost all catagories of retail by an increase of about 30%+ since summer 2008 , but carefully disguised in wicked marketing at times. If you know your products and pay attention you will see the small jumps.

Here is a way that retail will bury inflation to John Q. Public. Its an old trick that is still in practice and employed on a regular basis.

This is just one product I've witnessed this happening with.

A brand name of ice cream at Walmart was $4.97 in the fall 2008. In December it went to $5.97. Sales took a bad hit. By spring it went to $6.97 and sales came to a halt. There was a manufacturers layoff. Right afterwards, Walmart advertised it on SALE at $5.97 and sales increase back to normal.

This is done because most Americans have short term memory. They remember when I was almost $7.00, but they forget that they are paying a dollar more for the same thing than they did less than a year ago. In effect, they are convinced that they're getting a deal and that inflation dollar is buried by clever marketing.

Know your products. This will happen a lot in our near future as businesses compete to stay alive.


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just in case anyone missed

just in case anyone missed it...