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Eyewitness Report from Kittanning, PA Specter Town Hall, 8/13/2009

Here is a link to a Youtube video in which I appear. I emerge from the crowd about the three minute mark wearing my Ron Paul shirt. Can you tell I had fun? Still hoarse today.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsOaXYqzD_E

From what I saw and heard it all went down like this: the ACORN busses were scheduled to arrive at the meeting at 1 PM (2 hours early) in order to fill up seats in the meeting room (which only had seating for 200) before any locals could show up. But public mailing lists can be a two-edged sword, which the ACORNs discovered when a number of local folks got wind of the ACORN plan and showed up to get in line as early as 7 AM. That's one of the advantages that us regular folks have against the astro-turf groups like ACORN -- because we are local it's very easy for us to mosey on down the street to the meeting place at whatever hour we please and to pass our time visiting with our neighbors as we wait in line.

To cut to the chase, the locals got in and most of the ACORNs didn't, about two dozen of them were left to fend for themselves amongst a crowd of over 1,000 locals.

Here are some comments and a link to a dailykos thread in which one of the Obamaites bemoans the reception he and his companions received:

"went to Specter's Kittanning, PA town hall ... there was nothing but wingers outside ... Pro reformers were virtually nonexistent, surrounded and backed into a corner to hold out on a narrow concrete staircase ...Ugly, ugly crowd. 99% white and old. Lots of "Don't tread on me flags," ... Heard of a few minor incidents that police broke up but nothing major. Talked to someone who was in the midst of the mob and said that wingers were deliberately trying to provoke ppl...It was very dispiriting, to say the least.

It's an absolute disaster ... We had no chance in the parking lot. It was like Helm's Deep only Gandalf doesn't show. I have a feeling that are ppl got inside and that it was far less contentious inside. But I haven't seen any reports about it yet. It was an ugly scene for our side. Reformers I talked to were very demoralized from the experience."


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That does look like fun;

you all did a great job.

The best part of the video

The best part of the video is when a guy standing next to me gets an SEIU member to admit that he was getting paid to be there. The patriot tells the guy nobody paid US to be here -- and he was speaking for over a thousand of us.

Somebody should put that clip on the TV, don't ya think? Ahh, it'll never happen.

That's brilliant.


Wonder if they'll start

Wonder if they'll start showing up earlier.

That Depends

The ACORNs are just punching a time-clock. If their masters roust them out earlier and toss a few extra rations their way I imagine they will show up earlier.

But they still have to make their way into our neighborhoods whereas we are already here. The advantage goes to us as long as we gather the necessary intelligence and take the initiative.

Thats what I am talking about

This has to continue to happen EVERYWHERE... Great Job People!!

There were a lot of real

There were a lot of real good folks there. I felt a real kinship with them. My neighbors, my people.

There was even a guy there from PA Open Carry who was doing just that with both a semi-auto pistol and large Gadsden Flag.

The tactics Acorn and Dems

The tactics Acorn and Dems are using from the sixties to intimidate don't appear to be working today, do they? People are on to them.

Actually, I was a Democratic

Actually, I was a Democratic Party antiwar protester in the 60's.

It was LBJ's and Nixon's "guns and butter" policies (war abroad/social welfare at home -- sound familiar?) which broke the back of the US and forced Nixon to close the gold window in 1971. It's been all downhill from there.

I remember (even though I was only nine years old at the time) when Nixon closed the gold window and ordered wage and price controls. Ron Paul says that was the event that made him decide to run for Congress.

The welfare/warfare state has been with us for quite a while.

Sorry, I need to clarify the

Sorry, I need to clarify the tactics I was talking about. It was and still is the Saul Alinsky tactics of organizing, infiltration.and in your face intimidation.

However, they were overmanned and outwitted in PA, because people are waking up to want they are attempting to.

The bussed bought and paid for Acorn workers are the real Astroturfers and they got caught at what Obama and his ilk were accusing simple, concerned. American citizens who attend these meetings of being.

Check this out -- I have

Check this out -- I have donated to Code Pink because I don't like the war and they certainly do make an effort to make themselves heard.

However, today I got an e-mail from them which said:

"Has Saul Alinsky become a right-wing zealot?

It's so frustrating watching angry voters at town hall meetings spouting ridiculous accusations like Obama wants to euthanize the elderly and turn this country into Russia. And it's ironic to see the right contorting leftist tactics. In a memo Rocking the Town Halls, a group called Right Principles urges its members to "Use the Alinsky playbook," referring to Saul Alinsky, the guru of 1960s grassroots organizing whose work influenced community organizer Barack Obama.

Let's not be out-organized by violent, right-wing tools of insurance corporations incited by Fox News."

Here was my reply to them:


I have donated to CodePink in the past because I oppose the tyranny which
the US has imposed on the Middle East and the tyranny which the Zionists
have imposed on the Palestinians.

Yesterday I attended a town hall meeting in Kittanning, PA to protest
Obama's tyrannical reign over Americans.

Today you sent me an email saying that those who stand against Obama for American liberty are, "violent, right-wing tools of insurance corporations
incited by Fox News."

Why do you hate me and my neighbors? All we want is to be left alone. We have our own charitable causes and people we care about and we resent being told that Obama's charities are more important than our charities. Think about it - the more money Obama steals from me the less money I have to oppose HIS wars.

In the future I will support the causes of peace and freedom through avenues other than CodePink.

Let's not be out-organized

Let's not be out-organized

LOL, that's a good one.

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good job