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NIST WTC Videos/Photos to be released

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Wow....just wow!


"I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace".
Thomas Paine

"We need to attract people who create more light, than heat" (Fortune cookie-8/14/2001)

Damn. I've never seen those before.

1100 degrees, 5 days later??? Nothing odd about that.

Yes, and that's just the surface temperature.

...above one million tons of concrete rubble.

Search all NIST reports - you will not find this NASA temperature data in their fire investigation.

A bit odd excluding government temperature data from a government fire investigation, no?

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

Only if you're not trying to hide something

Otherwise quite odd. You know the debunkers really hate when we don't present youtubes and wikis. That job must suck.

It gets hotter after a few days of burning though

It continually refreshes itself. Everybody knows that.

"It continually refreshes itself."

Too funny. Good one, Lawson.

oh i'm using this one

i get too much laughter from this....

oh god.