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CIA uses Blackwater to make "hits"

WASHINGTON – The CIA hired private contractors at Blackwater USA in 2004 as part of a secret program to kill top-level members of al-Qaida, a person familiar with the program said Wednesday.


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Jeremy Scahill, the man who literally wrote the book on...

BlackWater, and one of the few sincere liberals in "alt.Left" who's willing to criticize Hopium peddler's policies, though he won't touch 9/11, or Ron Paul, was on today's Democracy Now (Foundation fundie socialists, but the host, at least, is well meaning, while obviously entrenched in her views, I still maintain pretty good respect for Amy Goodman. One should NEVER close their minds to opposing views; if mentally secure, I'm of the mind that nothing thrown at you should ever "threaten" one's world view)


I've also posted this topic, yesterday. http://www.dailypaul.com/node/103974

I'm so glad to see it go from RawStory(to my chagrin went from, arbitrary number but, 65% genuinely progressive, to 90% pro-anything oBUSHmaBot as if deep down they no he's a lying scum, but trying desperately to find evidence to alleviate his betrayal, instead of finally admit that they're wrong) to MSM's YahooNews blurb.

Sweet. But I still proffer, an obvious speculation on my part, but something is up. Timing of successive "threats" of indictment and prosecution of anything and everything BlackWater, is just a little too tidy for my taste. But ask State Dept, how they like their BlackWater PSC's doing their security detail. Gvt. just when you think it made sense, er... I take that back, I think I was lucid dreaming about that... a benign gvt... perhaps even more nightarish, than the real one.

Lt. Quarles Harris Jr

They're probably the ones who shot this guy in the head.


Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

yup, a Hit, is a hit, is a hit...

as Heshie from the Sopranos would say.

A clear assassination. Gee... like that doesn't make it look like Barry Soetero's got something to hide. Did you check out a DP'er here who posted a YouTube link of another Patriot replaying clips of Rev.Manning discussing this very topic?

neoLiBs, still up to their old tricks... Are we about to see another 57 of their cronies suddenly and conveniently "disappear?"

Time will tell...

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for the night crew

What I hear no one talking

What I hear no one talking about is, that supposedly there was a group within Blackwater who were Bush's own rendition of the Knights Templar.
Specificly to kill Taliban, who engaged before being engaged ...Supposed
they were to help find Jewish artifacts for the Temple restoration ..
Does anyone know about this , ETC ?
naughty, naught

I saw one of BlackWater's official company pix

of Erik Prince either meeting with, or in an office belonging to a member, or could have been his own office, where a GIGANTIC Knights of Malta flag was hanging in the background.

If Googled, I'm sure it can be located quick.

Speaking of which, I believe Colon (sic) Powell is a Matese Knight, as well.
And that little nazi Ghouliani, was knighted by the craggy inbred across the pond, soon after 9/11 so perhaps all his donors should SUE, as he would have NEVER been, nor was he ever eligible for the post of U.S. Presidency.

LOL! what?!

LOL! what?! Was Tom Hanks part of this gang?

Not Hanks,

but gvt Skanks.

Crazy as it seems, the rumor was actually reported. I remember it too.

Yup, had I not been aware how much we were lied to about the FED, it would not have brought me to conclude, just HOW much the Truth is stranger than Fiction. The world is governed by by lunatic degenerate eugenicists. Yup. Crazy.


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I haven't heard it


I believe it was on cnn.. I

I believe it was on cnn.. I saw it one time on the news.. That is the last I saw it mentioned..I could not believe my ears...A supposed Christian trying to help rebuild the Temple ..??? quite puzzling ..someone doesn't know escatology....A true Christian knows better..these things are not lost , they have been fullfilled, not of human hands. They showed the young guy at the witness table, the founder of Blackwater.
Good people ,do Good deeds
and are no respecter of person