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Main Street Matters Listening Tour-UPDATE

Sam Graves, U.S. House of Representatives,Missouri-6th District, sent me a letter August 17th inviting me to a town hall meeting. The event will happen August 24th @ 4:00PM in Savannah,MO. Issues stated are healthcare reform, energy & taxes. He is a co-sponsor of Ron Paul's HR 1207 as well as voting NO to the stimulus package last fall. Gonna ask him, actually the crowd, if he realizes that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned and not part of the Federal Government. Hopefully I'll see some jaws drop.
Crowd of 100(more or less) attended. Mostly senior citizens concerned with health care. Sam showed the framework bill,over 1,000 pages, and how Pelosi tried to get it passed before the August break. He received the bill on a Thursday and she wanted a vote on Friday. He then said it was a HUGH victory it didn't pass, just look at all the town hall meetings. Towards the end of the Question and Answer part I was chosen and thanked him supporting HR 1207 by co-sponsoring and ask him with 282 co-sponsors why hasn't it been sent to the house floor for a vote. He said Pelosi sent it to committee and their trying to get a petition with 218 signatures to by-pass her staling the vote. He also said that the FRB Chairman has WAY too much power.

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People are waking up folks-

and are pi**ed off!!!