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Ohio School Children Pay for Lunch with Fingerprints

And the kids just love it. Listen to what this one said:

“I’m just really glad I don’t have to remember a number every day or have a card or something,” said 14-year-old Korey Gallaher. “All you have to do is put your finger down and go.”

And this one:

“As long as there is money in my account, I won’t have to worry about anything,” said 14-year-old Stephanie Nieves. “It’s going to make lunch that much easier.”

Hey kids - just a few questions: What if there is no money in your account? Or what if, instead of detention, teachers just deduct funds from your account? Or maybe, they just shut it off completely? Then what?

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Price Chopper grocery store chain-

Does the same thing at their customer service to cash payroll checks.

It strikes me as funny that there is so much outrage

over fingerprints when the much more reliable photograph is taken and put in every yearbook with name and grade.

Fingerprints are possibly one of the most useless methods of tracking people in a "police state". You can't hold up a photo of a fingerprint and glance at every hand that comes off a plane. It also happens to be one of the most easily defeatable biometric identification systems for someone who is prepared (like, I dunno, super glue on your fingertips).

If you guys weren't all so rolled up in your belief that giving your fingerprint is the ultimate surrender to the NWO you might actually discover that there are much more effective methods for tracking a large group of people (i.e., DNA).

Commence flaming.



Joesmoe, whether fingerprints are the most reliable type...

... of biometric ID information is not the point.

People are being conditioned with programs like this to accept the intrusive collection of such information, and it is particularly sickening that kids are being targeted. :(

This is a foot in the door. As people accept this type of intrusive biometric information collecting, expect to see more.


Also, expect to see those who oppose the collection of such information to be cast in a negative light.

You are very smart, Joesmoe. Maybe someday you'll understand.

I had to get a document

I had to get a document notarized today... I had to give a fingerprint.. what a bunch of crap.

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This seems logical to me

Why not? They're already teaching about the new world order in some schools. -> Watch here.

It seem strange - the state-run schools are spending money to educate our kids about a conspiracy that doesn't exist? :-)

It's too bad that the overwhelming majority of kids his age these days aren't as observant and open-minded as this kid. It's dangerous, actually.

Regarding the Ohio cyborg school, it's clearly (but probably unwittingly) pushing a pilot program of idealogical subversion to prepare the upcoming generation for what is planned to come. The current adult generation probably won't be so forcibly subjected to such new systems on a wide scale. The current generation of children won't have to be forced later in life; the high-tech systems of subtle enslavement will have grown and evolved in pace with and along side of our kids (just like their TV shows do). When what is currently the adult generation tries to warn the more submissive younger generation about such things, the latter will laugh and tell us that we're just too old and paranoid - that we just don't understand cool new technology. The cycle repeats and it will be seen within the next couple of generations (current children included) that the masses will think nothing about taking an RFID chip (or the like) in a cashless society under a one-world government and under the premises of security, liberty and convenience. At least that much is true if parent don't start educating children about such things now. The "other side" has the kids in its grip and is indoctrinating them right now, while the kids' lifelong opinions, thought processes and beliefs are solidifying. Do not think that you will counter or nullify this by educating your children later in life, "when they're old enough to understand." The warped indoctrination being pumped into our kids right now must be offset, also right now, with truth, understanding and wisdom from parents. There must be a real-time balancing force. It is pointless to try to attenuate a force occurring now with a force that is introduced 10-20 years after the initial force has completed its intended effect. It does no good to block a punch that was thrown at you a decade or two ago. Wake up and start educating your children now, while they're still considered "your" children. If you procrastinate then, by the time you get around to educating the children, the children you'll be trying to educate at that time will no longer be yours, and your efforts will be in vain.

If a few kids at this Ohio school were to begin resisting the pilot system, then they (and their parents) will be considered "wackos". CPS may even get involved for the parents' "dangerous indoctrination" of the kids, and it's not unthinkable that the parents could even be put on a domestic terrorist watch list based on laws which are already well-established on the books. However, if a significant number of the kids at the Ohio school opt to not use the system, then those pushing it will be greatly hindered and their plans will be delayed a few more generations.

Don't mind me - I'm just bellowing into the wind, as usual. :-)

I actually gasped when I saw the pic.

I actually gasped when I saw the pic. Which I rarely, if ever do.

Hey kids, next time the lunch lady or a school official wants your fingerprint, at least give them the approptiate middle finger!

Im glad they let me pay cash

up until about my senior year we had like a 4 digit number. But i would just leave and to to BK or Wendys or something

I used a number

it was very simple........


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Glad my daughter already graduated.

...otherwise she'd be brown-baggin' it.

Only upside I see:

The only upside I see is that the bullies won't be able to steal the lunch money or lunch card.

Given that the government schools won't defend the students against the bullies - but WILL penalize the students for fighting back - this may be the only way they'll be able to buy lunch. (Can't have 'em learning to resist oppression now, can we? But we gotta keep the sheep fed if we want to shear them later.)

= = = =

Reminds me of my days in public junior high, back in the early '60s. Practically the only required class was the history of the state. And at one point in the class they took all the kids' finger prints "to show them how it was done". And sent 'em in to the state to be filed. Without mentioning it in advance to the parents.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Oh! Oh! They're killing the Eddie Haskells!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

...oh my God...

...I heard of this going into schools awhile back from Alex Jones on his INFOWARS internet broadcast...
...but to actually see a picture...
...it used to be ciminals were fingerprinted before incarceration...now it seems these children must submit to the same thing...
...this is so Orwellian and I hate the bastards behind what Alex Jones has reported on the elites plan to have a "scientific dictatorship"...
...being incrementally implemented before our very eyes...
...the sad thing is these children see this as normal, no problem, no assault on their Freedom and Liberty, and if allowed to continue to grow, views against this sort of thing will be viewed as "old fashioned", even dangerous to "progress" in the coming new world order...
...God help us all...

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
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+GOLD and SILVER are money+

teach 'em young so they can

teach 'em young so they can use those Credit Cards without thinking!

What a joke, I'd pull my kid from that school and home school 'em.



A Mark to Buy or Sell

So these kids have a mark on their hands (fingerprints) which must be scanned in order for the kid to pay for lunch.

I'm not a believer but sometimes that old book can make you think.

When I was a kid in school

When I was a kid in school my biggest protest was refusing to say the socialist pledge of allegiance. I was still forced to stand, but I didn't pledge.

With fingerprint scanners and armed guards and metal detectors I don't see how a kid who loves his liberty could come through a day at public school either sane or unscathed.

I feel bad for these kids, even the dumb asses who seem to believe that "Arbeit mach frei."


I toured the Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin a few years back...that quote "work makes you free" was welded into the wrought iron gates. Quite chilling, considering 30,000 Soviets were worked to death there.

Nice to see

money is spent on teaching the kids not to have to think or have any responsability to keep up with thier lunch money. Wouldn't want to waste money on teaching them how to think that would be such a waste.

Look at his plate

Here kid, have a dollop of crap, a slice of garbage, and some jell-o.
All we need is your Identity in the database.

Later, there will be reports of kids sneaking off campus to dine at the Hospital Cafeteria.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

no sh*t


reedr3v's picture


Oppose all public school funding.

roger that!!!

home school is my only choice.

All your bases...

...are belong to us.

Constructing and reinforcing the submissive mindset from an

early age will result in fewer management problems in later years. The comments from the kids themselves show that this is another part of an effective means of indoctrination and control. They cannot be expected to realize it at their tender age, but their lunch is likely to cost them a lot more than just their fingerprints. From the article:

"The added advantage of the biometrics system is no one knows who receives free or reduced lunch or who has to pay for their meals."


“The technology is already out there for us to use biometrics in a number of ways,” said Principal Darren Conley. “In the future, we are looking at adding it to the media center for signing materials out or in the classrooms for attendance.”

You can see the direction of the movement. Big Brother (or Sister) is watching you.
"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

That's who I feel sorriest for ...

... poor kids who are taught attitudes rather than facts and skills. Lost souls before they're even 10 years old.

If you have your kid in a public school GET HIM OUT OF THERE FAST. Homeschooling may be your best option. There are plenty of Catholic home school companies if anyone wants to look into it. There are also Protestant and secular home schools.

Besides, if you are suffering from a public school education yourself, there's no better way to correct that problem than to teach your own kids. Typically, an adult can learn very quickly what it takes a child days to understand.

You can do it! The one prerequisite is to be a parent in control. If that needs work, then work on it! Most kids today get treated like midget adults. What they need is protection from a society gone crazy, and some of the craziest are their public school teachers (who receive continual educational brainwashing from the District of Criminals).

Woe be on to the enslavers


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



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It is not just in

It is not just in Ohio
It's all about programming the minds
Is it on purpose or just a consequence ?
Either way, Americans are blind or ignorent to the consequences
You become what you learn to TRUST.
naughty, naught

Ah yes

They will sell it us as being so convenient..fashionable, hip.