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Live Rand Paul Rally Fundraiser Aug. 21, 2009 Austin, Texas

we will be live web casting Rand Paul's Fundraiser and Rally Friday night at Lisa Mallory's home in Austin, Texas, to view this live presentation go to the following site to register and sign in.


PRESENTS a LIVE Exclusive Web Cast Special!

RAND PAUL RALLY AND FUNDRAISER - Friday August 21, 2009 6pm CDT
at the home of Edwin and Lisa Mallory 11405 Eagles Glen Drive Austin, Texas 78732

A "Contribute and View" Presentation - a donation of any amount you wish to contribute will provide you access to this live presentation!

george butler and Charlotte Littlefield
Co-Hosts "The Secret Truth"
www.thesecrettruth.com GCN Radio

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But when ? edit: sry I read when..6pm CDT

sry I have been up 25 h I am starting to deteriorate....


Front Fell Off