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The way to solve healthcare is so damn easy....

Of all people in the world, Anne Coulter hit it right on the nose. She thinks the way I think and the way RP thinks. Its very simple, but no one is addressing it!!! The way to solve this damn mess is to end government regulation (interstate commerce) and tort reform!!! Its so simple, but having government back off isnt even an option for these clowns.

All they have to do is very simply end the government regulation, which will lower prices, create competition and stop prexisting conditions and stop these damn frivilous lawsuites. Surgeons, on average, have to pay over 100k in malpractice insurance alone, so imagine why they have to charge so much? There have been several times where I have had to pay for my own insurance out of pocket, but when I go shop around for the good companies that I have had with big companies that I have worked for, I get stopped in my tracks because they are all out of state. I live in Seattle, WA (a very government regulated Blue state, with the worst governor in our state's history) and every time I go shop for all the best and cheapest health insurance policies, I cant because they never serve Washington, due to the head ache they have of our regulations.

If we opened up these markets and got government out of the picture, we could have true competition and we have cheaper and cheaper health insurance. When my parents were kids, my grandparents paid like $40 for the whole family a month, why? Because there was no corporate insurance! Corporatism is one step down from socialism and both are expensive!

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Quite Correct

Folks have just been brainwashed for so long that only the government can help them. Perhaps that is ending.

We can only hope.