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A meditation on 50,000,000 people Suddenly Un-Employed

What would that look like?

Would we "starve" like people in Africa?

No. Farmers, Supply Chains, and Grocery Stores would no longer be able to afford employees (if they wanted to get prices down) -- so, the excess labor pool would work-in-trade (that's what you do now anyway).

If we have food covered what about "entertainment" -- It's called reading, live theater, and Youtube.

Major movies might get scrapped -- however innovative uses for those movie theaters would pop-up. Low cost re-runs - Local movie production -- People would again volunteer (clean up - bring food)

If we have food and entertainment what about housing?

If 50,000,000 people became un-employeed the court system would not be able to handle all the refusal to vacate cases. Land-lords and banks would "innovate" -- Ask you to paint, do repairs, work on other properties.

What about gas -- would the pumps stop?

No -- You'd bater your skills for fuel (it's what you do now)

What about organic foods -- would our penniless pockets force us to buy conventional?

Nope -- When you barter with farmers (directly) and pick your own produce -- you'll think more about your food.

What about the IRS -- 50,000,000 un-employed means the elimination of IRS; how will they collect tax-revenue from 'battering society?'

What about all our debt -- they come and take our assets right?

No -- Debtors would get innovative and sell the debt to the farmers or whomever you are working closely with in trade. The debtors would get "credits" from these people they could later use as trade.

Seems like the only real thing that would change is the elimination of cheap goods (need things that last and require less repair) #1 and the elimination of the use of money (or at least in its current form) #2 and thus the elimination of the Fed Gov't and Fed Bank.

We'd learn to Smith our own steel and guns -- this would be a very valuable skill.


The causitive effect of 50,000,000 suddenly un-employed sounds like the after effect of targeted Counter-Economics.

See for yourself.

1) Buy Local Only
2) Hire under-the-table
3) Work more and more under-the-table
4) Buy Organic Only

Destorys IRS - Lobbying - Major Corporations

Ron Paul said power needs to be local.

Well this was fun -- Now you are convinced Ballot-Box-Stuffing is not the answer and we can move into SERIOUS Counter-Economics Strategization!!!



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war time Europe

people turned to eating pigeons dogs cats crows horses bark from trees and even grass(soviet prisoners of war)...there were even instances of cannibalism.

"Our planet is the mental institution for the universe."
-- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell."
-- Aldous Huxley

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That wont happen here -- too much open country.

You can fit the whole world population in Jacksonville Florida (shoulder to shoulder).

You can fit the whole US Population in the State of New York -- with the same person-to-person spacing as Manhattan.

Sonoma County (California) could grow enough food to feed all Californians.

We have the land, the water, the soil, the wild game, the farm animals, and the seed stores to make it work.



This is why I advise people to trade their PMs for skills, tools and supplies that will allow them to participate in a localized, near-subsistence economy. That is the LONG haul strategy.

Acala: Well said

It is long haul.

In fact if you meditate on a free-society then while in that world sit down and mediate on how to keep it. You'd find yourself in perpetual counter-economics.

The best relationships are the ones where the spouse makes her counterpoint keep guessing. Once they figure you out they are on to bigger and better.

My wife makes me "re-earn" her love in 14 day cycles -- I love a good challenge. Well, for that to be true I must be messing up in 14 day cycles too, hahahahaha.

Un-Conditional Love is never set It's Always Innovating



that's funny, thanks I needed a good laugh today.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

My wife is a quilter too -- My Godmother is a bit famous for it

Barbera Spencer -- You ever hear of her?

My wife is way more into spinning and knitting -- she's a "little bit known" for her sock making.


I think I can master...


wow - deep

Thanks, a lot to

think about, will this come before or after the virus?

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

The Zombie Virus? Hahahahaha

I was just meditating on what would happen if 50,000,000 were un-employed -- suddenly.

When I was in econ class (decade or more ago) I used to imagine there was a tipping point regarding un-employment.

Meaning if you keep un-employment at certain levels people will "buy into the system" ( the system will thrive). If there's too much employment it stalls and too little (the tipping point) it fails.

Americans are too resourceful -- they would innovate around the problem.

Which is EXACTLY what I'm suggesting we do pre-emptively.

"innovating around problems" is action after consequence.

"innovating as a solution to problems is pre-emptive action.



good thoughts!

sweet...let's do this... I am already out of 'the game' more or less...
sdrawkcab gnihtyreve od deF eht & tnemrevog ehT

Cultivator -- We need 20 to get started: Folks who are serious

and connected bloggers -- or people who know how to viral network.

We also need an investor -- we need start-up capital to build the site.

I can write the business and marketing plan.

We need programmers and master web-developers -- a good videographer would be nice too.


Octobox - not sure what I can do to help

right now but I am still here - all ears.
sdrawkcab gnihtyreve od deF eht & tnemrevog ehT

Cultivator: Mark my words - People in DP and RP Community

will turn hard and fast to Counter-Economic Thinking in 1 or 5 years (yes "or") -- If within the year things get ridiculously bad and 2010 does not bring the "change" they wasted millions on -- they will be "open" to it.

If not and 2010 proves delusional (have not learned that voting is perpetual war -- can never bring "peace") then they will start fighting for RP in 2012 (wasting more millions) and it will take 1 full year after the election to stop fuming (so 2013) and THEN they'll be ready for Counter-Economics.

I'll keep posting the same logic from as many angles as possible until I figure out the combination lock (logic).

What I'd love to see is 20 or so "serious" DPers come to me and say....."build us the b-plan -- let's strategize and 'get in place' so in 2011 or 2013 we'll be ready to go").