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Grayson advisor: Rand Paul poll strength a "phantom number"

The WHAS11 Survey USA poll of the Kentucky U.S. Senate race continues to reverberate through both parties and all the campaigns.

One of the biggest storylines to emerge from the poll is that Bowling Green eye doctor Rand Paul trails the presumptive GOP nominee Secretary of State Trey Grayson by only 11 points among likely voters in the Republican primary. The immediate reaction among the Kentucky Republican establishment was shock.

Paul referred to WHAS11's report on the poll when he told Walt Thiessen on the Libertarian website nolanchart.com:

"The media report said we should be 'ecstatic', and we are. We've not even done a mailing of the primary list yet. I've been campaigning for only about 3 months, only about 3 weeks as an official candidate, and my opponent has been campaigning for eight years!"

He went on to say, "We are within striking distance of the establishment Republican and in a dead heat with the leading Democrat. At this stage of the race, we couldn't ask for better results. Our numbers will only move higher as we begin to get our name and message out."

But long time Republican strategist Ted Jackson of Louisville calls Paul's 26% support in the poll a "phantom number."

"No one can believe that Rand Paul has that kind of name I.D." Jackson said, "There is no one who can believe that number has any accuracy."

"It cannot be about him."

Jackson echoed the thoughts of many observors when he noted that Rand Paul has his father to thank for any recognition. Texas Congressman Ron Paul enjoyed the support of fervent libertarians in his run for the Republican presidential nomination.

"People who support Trey are people who vote in Republican primary," Jackson continued.

But, the Survey USA poll shows that the heart of Grayson's support is among moderates, who support him 50% - 19% over Paul. Among conservatives, Grayson had a fsingle digit margin, 35% - 28%.

"That's really not a concern," Jackson said, "There is no question about Trey's conservative credentials. People will be reminded about who has worked with the party," and who has spent the time cultivating party support.

"Rand Paul is not a Republican. It will become more apparant."

"Has he been a precinct captain? LD chairman? Those things matter." Jackson predicts a "lot of pushback" for the "Johnny come lately" Paul.

"The sky is not falling for me"

But Jackson acknowledges that the WHAS11/Survey USA poll is "perfect timing" for Paul's moneybomb today (August 20). He argues it is, however, a short term bounce.

"Trey is the incumbent here, in essence"

Jackson is an informal unpaid advisor to Grayson's campaign.

While the primary numbers are not exciting for Grayson, Republicans, overall, have to be pleased at the prospects for the fall election, especially considering that the race was leaning Democrat while Jim Bunning was the GOP candidate.

"It bodes very well," Jackson said adding that the poll is "disastrous news for Democrats," and "not what they expected."

Lt. Governor Dan Mongiardo has an eight point lead in the poll over Attorney General Jack Conway, with Conway's support mostly from urban areas and Mongiardo's from rural areas.

If Conway was considered the frontrunner before the poll, it would be difficult for any independent observor to give either Democrat an edge.


Could this be a more text book example of "running scared".

I love it.

They have no idea how to run.

After all Mr. Greyson is a former democrat ...

and the son of a banker that was a recipient of TARP funds.

They are running around right now with no heads.

And I am laughing profusely about the image in my head.

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Oh oh...

And in comes the SEIU and ACORN.. Yup, you Libertarians need to police the poles for sure. Or would I mean the ballot boxes? Well, you know what I mean anyway. haha

Ignore this comment.

Ignore this comment.

Everytime I see that guy's name, I think "Betray..."

You mean it's Trey Grayson? Betrayson? Try Betray, son? Try Betrayson?

Oh, that's right, that's because the opportunistic hack switched from a Dem to GOP, just so he can get elected: constituents' interests be damned. I give FAR more credit to the good people of Kentucky than whomever this boneheaded political hack, and a shill, thinks. As if that's not self-evident.

Ah... the quiver and a shiver, from the voice of a desperate RINO, who's outlived his purpose, as a REAL grassroots candidate is about to take his boss' job away, boo, boo. Sounds to me like last breath of a dying tyrant, or local boss hoss in this case. neoCON Repugs, always with the idiotic bravado, before the fall.

RAnd Paul 2010 !!!
Peter Sciff 2010 !!!
Adam Kokesh 2010 !!!

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul 2012 !!!

Hey, the man's middle name means "honest," and he actually has been living up to it, for 74 yrs. No coincidence there.

Tried to post but we'll see

Tried to post but we'll see if it makes it through moderation:

You're right Mr.Jackson, Rand Paul's phenomenal polling numbers and money bombs are NOT about him. It's about the MESSAGE of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and OBEDIENCE TO THE CONSTITUTION.

Establishment Republicans have had long enough and all they've done is pay lip service while consistently violating most, if not all, core Republican principles. We, the actual conservative Republicans,know you will try to copy cat Dr.Paul and begin trying to talk the talk. But by their fruits ye shall know them and the establishment's fruit is rotten to the core with corruption, hypocrisy and lies.

We might not agree with Dr.Paul on every thing but we know for sure that he's honestly going to do the things he says and that he's not going to water down his platform and/or vote once he gets into office. He says what he means and sticks to it.

I'd rather have a candidate where I know exactly what I'm getting VS some back stabbing, lying, corrupt, cow towing party hack that will say, do or vote whatever way the wind blows so as to keep their grubby paws shoveling tax payer dollars into their mouths for life.

"It cannot be about him."

Oh, but it is Jackson. Him & the message he is getting out there on behalf of liberty & what he stands for.

(That is one scared neo-con camp).

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Establishment worm squiggling his puny brains out

This is almost comical. He's basically saying Rand can't win because only Trey Grayson can run as old-boy club partisan insider. This guy actually thinks the old Republican tricks which lost them both houses by a majority are going to magically help Grayson?!? Come again, why would that be?

McConnell will drop Grayson the second he ...

smells blood.

That is why the Grayson camp is afraid.


meekandmild's picture

Isn't Greyson a phantom ?


Nope ...

He is quite real and very powerful in the state.

He has won a statewide election.


Rand Paul for Prez

Son of a banker.... Who received TARP funds.

Now that is a real SOB

Greyson is done.

Debra Medina for Texas Governor 2010!

Rand Paul for US Senate in Kentucky!

Ron Paul 2012, Join or Die!



Sounds like some folks trying to save face.

Must be pretty embarrassing having some ~upstart~ like Rand get in the way with such an impressive number. :)

That article was so transparent ...

They should have just been honest ...

Yes, we saw the numbers.

Yes, they were alarming.

Yes, Trey has been told that they are phantom numbers.


To these demented people

it is not about ideas. What seems to matter to these hacks is if you "punched your ticket" by working for the party etc.. Now I understand how Lindsey Graham is still in office.

Lindsey is going down when he comes up again...

Demint is our only REAL SENATOR!
The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.

The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.

Notice how he equated Grayson's party loyalty as equating ...

him to being a great conservative.


The man campaigned for William Jefferson Clinton.

I personally know the big donors in the Republican party.

They could care less who wins and when they realize that Rand has a chance, he will get just as much as Trey gets from them.

That puts the score zero to zero and places us exactly where we should be. We will be the reason why Paul wins if he wins. We will give him the advantage.


meekandmild's picture


getting scared pretty quick.