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Video: Rand Paul 2010 Grassroots Campaign

One of the guys in our group made this video of our grassroots campaigning efforts here in Kentucky. The song is the entire version of Run Rand Run by another of our own. I thought y'all would enjoy a flashback!

Thanks for the moneybomb. Start saving for the next one.


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great song

The low-fi quality in the sound is something worth appreciating, particularly in connection with the sad, plaintive melody of the lyrics. It's awesome.

#$We need to build political strength and political will&*

We need to build political strength and political will.






That was pure grassroots

That was pure grassroots activism... :)

That was Awesome!

That was Awesome! Thank You!

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In the spirit of the r3VOLution,

fun video, good work!

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Thank you, that is sweet!

Thank you, that is sweet!

Back to the future.

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