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MIT: Think YOU're SMART enough? PROVE it! Here comes Open Source Education!

MIT has begun to open up their ENTIRE curriculum to ANYONE willing to learn. Imagine, all those who could not re-locate to Boston, nor afford it, by sheer virtue of one's intelligence... sky's the limit.


So, the monopoly ends. One of the best news I've heard in YEARS!

Simply Awesome!

Wonder if they've linked their DoD/DHS grant info at MIT: LEG robotics labs. Brooks, ya rascal.

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This is like an early

This is like an early Christmas! I never knew about this, thanks for posting it...

I'm thouroughly collecting all of the courses for the medical field, might be some truth in there vs. the school I went to for physical therapy...

Just a heads up, if you're hurt, go see a respected McKenzie trained therapist 1st before a surgery or even an orthopedic specialist...most stuff is quick to teach you how to fix yourself...


Spent all day on MIT lectures yesterday.

Thanks, Michael, and/or moderators for putting this on...

the front page!

Big Ups!

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul 2012!!!

This material has been

This material has been online for years. The Gilbert Strang lectures in linear algebra and applied mathematics are excellent. I haven't been on the site in two or three years but the full video lectures were very useful when I was in technical classes taught by a prof who could hardly speak English.

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

More Programs

University of California, Berkeley

Notre Dame

Carnegie Mellon


Berkley has videos of lectures, amazing.

Edit: Looks like they all do, fantastic.

"An essential point in the social philosophy of interventionism is the existence of an inexhaustible fund which can be squeezed forever. The whole system of interventionism collapses when this fountain is drained off: The Santa Claus principle liquidates

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

God, this is getting better and better!!!

While I have much disdain for the likes of Kurzweil's vision for Matrix-esque nanobot run amok future, and rather have the cautious pace of Bill Joy's vision, this is where technology truly shines: so much info available!

Aside from those tasks in which one-on-one mentor-ship is absolutely paramount and irreplaceable, there's really almost nothing one cannot learn, online!

MIT has always been one of my favorite online resources

Very cool resource


I'm loving it! Thanks for posting this. I didn't know that the schools did this. I think its great.

I'll take advantage of it. :)

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

Yale does it too

I love the MIT and Yale classes. Plus, no parking tickets or $400 texts.

Yup, tell me about it...

mandatory textbooks that uselessly cost 100s of dollars, even when used... No thanks! Thank GOD for PDF & laptops!

MIT: Because not everyone

MIT: Because not everyone can get into Caltech! d^_^b

Oh, dang...

I guess this Open Source Education movement will open up the same academic rivalry from offline, to online as well.

Haha, we shall see my friend. I better polish up on my speed-reading and memory skills, not to mention the "critical-thinking" button in my noggins .o)

My primary interest is in their "Brain and Cognitive Sciences" department. (http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Brain-and-Cognitive-Sciences/index...) Though, from what I understand, University of Arizona's "Consciousness Studies" (http://www.consciousness.arizona.edu/), and a separate dept. led by the highly acclaimed Harvard alum, Dr. Gary Schwartz (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Schwartz) at his own VERITAS program (http://veritas.arizona.edu/) at U of AZ is rated pretty highly as well. Guess that part sorta defeats the pro-Ivy argument.

But, but, but... it's MIT... Oh, damn them branding. Damn you Sneakers!!!


If lingering around either of those sites, perhaps we'll virtually bump into each other.

-Cheers, mate!

I've learned more online

I've learned more online than I ever did in a classroom... Plus, I learn what I want to learn. I love this.

I'm so glad the internet exists... Let's make sure that no government ever lays a hand on it.

I agree

The internet is the best library. I'd feel lost without it, that's for sure.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(


I know that the Doc VOTED AGAINST Net Neutrality. From his past interviews, I believe most extensively on G4tv, the videogame cable channel, he explained that basically he understood the bill, as it currently stands, as a case of the Gvt actually intervening to "protect" it. So, would like to hear him a little more, on his understanding of the bill as it stands today, and what his own alternative might be. Though, considering his past Constitutional rationale, probably nothing, or possibly resort to The Privacy Clause in the Bill of Rights. Either way, sure to be a topic, come 2012, especially to our NUMEROUS libertarian techie contingents.

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Very good news


cool, but....

in all seriousness, there's not much there you can't learn searching the web or going to a local library. It's just info that is packaged nicely.

If this was done by some small college with no name recognition, nobody would care.

Very good for people that just want to further their education on something, not much else.

Agree with your sentiments, but...

I doubt a community college in some podunk town would have the vast database, nor a concentration of experienced eggheads, as in Boston Metro, who were the original authors of the data, and books that they teach in other schools with.

Besides, I'm sure you'd agree, while every "institution" are indoctrinations, in one form or another, but it is thanks to some who actually even produced outmoded or even erroneous data that later generations can build on to create actual functioning models that work in reality, no?

Plus, it's not just MIT, they often share Harvard's resources, which is the oldest college and has the largest library in the nation, though I'm sure NYC Public Library would beg to differ. Their warehouse is like the Vatican archives, it's HUGE. Plus, look hard enough, I'm sure someone will be able to put bits and pieces of heavily Gvt funded projects together and reveal some juicy morsels. No schools get as much DARPA, DoD/DHS funding than Ivy League schools. This can only help us, IMHO.

Agree. 'Imagination is more


'Imagination is more important than Knowledge.' - Albert E.
'The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.' - Albert E.


when one is given a fair shot, and an access to what is out there...

Imagination, indeed. Beautiful quote, by the crazy haired Nobel laureate.

I know this is a bit of a cynical look at it

but for some reason I believe that the MIT is NWO controlled.

I am all for ways for everyone to have access to information and roads opened to learn on tertiary level but awareness of who runs the show providing the information needs to be taken into account.

Yup, no doubt. Could not Agree more. You're absolutely spot on,

Hannah2. Even more reason to look around their playground.

Of course, as you say, we should do so while being fully aware of who's running the Carousel's controls.

I refer you to some of my previous comments related to DARPA/DoD-DHS contracts. Ivy League, for all intent and purpose IS the NWO's Military Industrial Complex. They fund them, they work for them, they build for them, and they write murderous policies that destroy the world, and worse write logical rationale explaining them.

But, gotta know your "enemy." Though, at this point, I kinda view them as an overgrown toenail. Need to chop it off to keep it hygienic, but still is and was part of you. Or, like cancer. Though somehow toenail example seems more redeemable.

What can I say? Although, I have primal male urge to mete out you know what, but there's only so much anger and seething rage, before one does come to the conclusion, LOVE does conquer all: so I say get informed, absorb, comprehend, prepare, but also figure out how to make allies of "enemies" once brainwashed.

I'd like to think I can now work more on the latter part of that possible solution. But, I am 1000% in agreement with you about ALL Ivy League, and most elite colleges in general: they're where their pool of talents come from.

So, not a cynical look, but a realistic assessment. But I feel we can learn from this awareness. So I say, let's raid their archives and their pencilneck eggheads' noggins! Have fun, as the Doc always says.

Hmmm . . .

For the most part, I completely agree with you . . . but I'd have to say that not ALL Ivy League schools have an agenda in this regard. I attended a very elite school (on scholarships and grants.) Because I went to college as an adult, I was very aware of the politics at school but saw no agenda pushing towards the NWO though, admittedly, I have never checked to see who funded the endowments. Rather, this school, (could be the exception to the rule?) supported its students rights to free speech, academic freedom, and religious freedom.

Students weren't pushed in any particular political direction, but were encouraged to get involved and to live their convictions. Though the NWO elite may recruit students from the school, the school itself, and its professors, didn't groom the women for that work. There was vigorous discussion in the classrooms. Students and Professors both taking opposite sides of an argument at times. No one was ever deemed correct, imagination and thoughtful analysis was encouraged, you were allowed to choose your own path.

Smith College alumni include Gloria Steinham, Betty Friedan, Sylvia Plath, Julia Child, etc. and me.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

ahh.. good to see that my comment didn't go into space ;)

I am pretty aware of the why, how and what.. always look behind the curtain. If you can't see a curtain, even more reason to dig even deeper.

Into Space?

No way. Only into the right space 'o)



Great information for my four children.

Makes perfect sense to me. If you want education, then study, and if you want a job, work. If you want to be in debt and become a slave, got spend four or six years at an expensive college or university.


I found out

Here in CA, anyone can go to college, which many have high school departments. These act like international high schools on campus, where students earn high school and college credits simultaneously, which means, there are 16 year old skipping prom and collecting AA degress, which get them into universities, where there are many scholarchips for these students to win and compete for.

When I found out about this program in the Los Angeles Community Colleges, I began informing people who had children they were "grooming" for college about this opportunity, people, Americans, were not interested.

If I had children, I would be registering them for classes at a community college when they turned 14.

Yup, I could not AGREE more.

For the most part, even in my own education, I found that pretty much everything that they taught in the system, beyond age 13, is PURE garbage. They are, now, more concerned about obedience and domesticating our children to get accustomed to "authority" of the police state infrastructure. God for bid, if a mook shoved a metaldetector wand or CCTV at my girlfriend going into bathroom, back when I were in school...

Just who are these sicko social engineers?

Most suburbans schools now have more "security" and on campus cops than NYC public schools, it's nuts. There shouldn't be so much stigma attached against GED, as I'd have my kids pass the GED at age 7. Hell, it's barely at that level as is, anyway. If it were up to me, I'd teach 1st and 2nd graders history, monetary policies, Austrian school, investment gnosis, and Shakespeare, instead of Sesame St. and Barney. It's like who said kids have to listen to slow repetitive rhymes and be treated like idiots? Intense relevant academia does not negate the fact that they can also still be who they are: loving playful, innocent children. I think too often people confuse content with behavior. I say kids can dress up and play batman and be silly blowing soapbubbles in the yard, while reciting Shakespeare, or having an intense dialog on Locke vs. Rousseau, all at their own pace of course.

Oh, yeah, I'll bet CPS wouldn't like the idea of 7yr olds being WAY more intelligent than they are. Probably tase them for that alone. Okay, I'm getting morbid. LOL.

Getting late... 'oD