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H1N1 Vaccine Patent Filed In 2007!

I just received this in my email. Very interesting.

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URGENT - H1N1 Vaccine Patent Filed (2007) Long Before the Swine Flue Virus Was Spread!
by Walter Burien

Pay special attention to the strains of the H1N1 noted in the 2007 filing. Coming to your hometown soon!

The following is my reply to John Perna per a US Patent Application filed, with one aspect of the patent being for the Swine Flue virus vaccine (H1N1). The patent application was filed long before the Mexican Swine Flu supposedly came forward as a new strain of virus coming out of a "Pig Farm" in Mexico.

In John's post copied in part below my reply, he thought the patent application for the H1N1 vaccine was from 2008 shortly before the swine flue broke out in Mexico.

I am familiar with patents, so I took a look at the US Patent and Trademark site to verify what he was bringing forward was correct and found he was in error. The original application was actually filed in 2007. Long before the virus was staged as an outbreak of "a new viral strain" in Mexico.

As far as I am concerned, this now verified information puts the last nail in the coffin for the immediate suspension of all forms of "civil" government in this country for reorganization under limited purview and then reinstatement. And I hope, no I pray that when done in end result they axe 85% or more of the attorneys from the system. That is 90% of the solution right there.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien - CAFR1.com

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a month old story

And I have to agree it isnt the smoking gun.

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No smoking gun

I do not see any H1H1 conspiracy arising from this patent. It does not seem specific to any kind of vaccine, and the fact that it includes H1N1 amongst more than 40 others seems to disprove the hypotheses.


Didn't Bush sign into law something along the lines of; if a health epidemic arose that martial law could be declared? I read that they're hiring people for the FEMA camps... Maybe im connecting the dots wrong but we seem to be headed toward a very... interesting period of time.

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Glancing through the document

37% formaldyhyde.
Well, that's got to be good for ya.

Patent mentions Human, Pig, Dog, Horse, Avian variants

What if this outbreak begins to effect and kill our food animals?

What kind of additional chaos would that add?