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Union Thugs Try Again!

This a copy of an ObamaCare-Obama Love Fest Town Hall meeting that was intercepted by a Conservative in the local AFL CIO in Wisconsin. This person said "I do not understand why the Unions are even attempting this because eveyone I know will have nothing to do with ObamaCare". Notice how it says "come out in big numbers". This is code for "the deck is stacked and anti ObamaCare folks will be shut out of the meeting. The meeting starts at 6 PM, I am planning on being there at 4:00 PM and will be armed with an AR 15 Sony Cam Corder! The local C4L is planning on overwhelming the attendance with lots of Anti Obamamites

Subject: Listening session in your area (Listening Session lol)

Hello to all,

We need to pack the room at this health care reform session with U. S. Congressman Steve Kagen. The right wing opposition have been disrupting healthcare events across the country. We need to be positive, polite and respectful and come out in big numbers in support.

This is one of many healthcare events happening across the state. Please help us get members to this event. Let me know if you have any questions.
Congressman Kagen to Host Informational
Listening Session
Constituents of Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District
are invited to attend:
WHO: Rep. Steve Kagen, D-WI.
WHAT: Informational session
WHEN: Wednesday, August 26, 2009
6-7:30 p.m.., CST
WHERE: UW-Green Bay Campus, Phoenix Rm., 2420 Nicolet Dr.,
Green Bay, WI

Green Bay – Congressman Steve Kagen (D-WI) will hold an informational session Wednesday August 26, 2009 to hear from his constituents on the proposed health care reform legislation that the House of Representatives will likely consider in September.
Thomas G. Berger
Union Representative
SEIU Healthcare District 1199WI
4513 Vernon Blvd., Ste. 300
Madison, WI 53705-4993
Milwaukee 414-727-8199 x 14
Milwaukee fax 414-727-8195
toll free 877-306-1199 x 14
Cell 608-225-3494

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Go Get 'Em!

I look forward to seeing your video.

I'm gonna try to go up there

I'm gonna try to go up there from milwaukee.

"The politics of failure have failed! We need to make them work again!" Kang
-=Sui Juris