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Kentucky Senate Race Just Got More Interesting

Former Democrat, Trey Grayson, the two-term Kentucky Secretary of State, is no stranger to Kentucky politics. That is why it came as a shock when a poll came out this week showing Grayson only leading Rand Paul 37% to 26% in the Republican primary; Rand Paul is a newcomer to Kentucky politics and has never ran for political office. Rand Paul is an ophthalmologist from Bowling Green and the son of Congressmen and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Another equally big shock is that Rand Paul is polling within a statistical dead heat against well-known Democratic front-runner Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo (43% Mongiardo to 41% Paul). This is big news because Rand Paul has only been campaigning for a few months and has only officially been a candidate for a few weeks! Rand Paul is doing particularly well with voters aged 18 to 34. In that age group Paul is leading Grayson 43% to 13%.

Another thing that is sure to send shockwaves in the political world is that Rand Paul just raised $433,509 yesterday in a 24-hour netroots moneybomb. He has raised nearly $700,000 so far. This now puts Paul in competitive position money wise against Greyson who raised a little more than $600,000 in the second quarter of this year. Dan Mongiardo raised a little over $300,000 in the second quarter and has raised a total of $732,546 over the last two quarters.

Although Grayson is now the frontrunner (leading Mongiardo 46% - 40%), with polls this close and the amounts the candidates are raising, this race is definitely wide open. Who knows? We may be saying Senator Paul in the near future.

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senator Paul.... sounds good

senator Paul.... sounds good to me

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