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Letter to Senator Cornyn

The Republican Senatorial Committee sent me a survey form and a request for a donation, with a form letter from Senator John Coryn. Here's what I sent back, in their business reply envelope:

Dear Senator Cornyn,

I am sending you this letter in lieu of the survey you sent me. The questions on that survey show me that you're primarily concerned with jockeying for power within the current power structure, and frankly, that's not good enough.

The most important issue facing our country today, is the relentless expansion of powers and the expense of the federal government. Legislators like you routinely vote for bills that you haven't even read. You shirk your responsibility by allowing the executive to send our troops into harm's way in foreign lands without a declaration of war. You sit by idly, while our economy is devastated by an incompetent, unelected cabal of central planners who make the decisions of how much to inflate an unconstitutional, fraudulent fiat currency, according to the desires of the banks which own them.

As far as I'm concerned, there is one, and only one Republican in the House of Representatives, and that is Dr. Ron Paul from Texas. In the senate, there are none. Until and unless the leadership of the party gives its full support to candidates who uphold the constitution, you won't see a dime from me. I have supported and will continue to support the campaigns of Dr. Rand Paul in Kentucky, Peter Schiff in Connecticut, and such other candidates as are able to convince me that they stand for liberty, responsibility, and a government that lives within its means and the limits set forth in the constitution.


John C. Randolph,
Cupertino, California.

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Hear! Hear!

Excellent letter. Well said! Thanks for saying this to Cornyn, I am in Texas, also.


It's always nice to get a good review.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel