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Calling ALL OathKeepers, and NWO-aware Austrian Scholars!

I have been trying to come up with a way to constructively deal with our biggest obstacle, and our biggest potential ally: the cops and the military (veteran or active.)

HOW do we make our case, that is communicated to them in the most RELEVANT manner, in terms of basic fractional reserve fiat banking and how it affects them, and how oligarchs have ALWAYS used them, then dumped them destroyed when they served no function?

HOW do we explain to them that they are the ONLY TRULY socialist institution in America, gently? And, what the NWO plans for them after they use them, against us, the rest of the citizenry: The Night of the Long Knives. Their pensions WILL be looted, along with ours, not to mention poisoning and sterilization of their kids?

So here's just one idea. For the time being, explaining the FED, or the NWO, will be meaningless to them, for now. The "HOOK" I believe will be to put it in a more commonly accepted economic jargon. How are you getting rich, or not? What does your Pension mean to you, and what will happen in the upcoming months?

In order to really begin to educate our "peace officers" and the military, it be a HUGE boost to our movement, by first introducing them to Robert Kiyosaki's "RichDad PoorDad."

In my opinion, I see no better book written in simple, entertaining manner in which everyone can read and understand how basic economics works in terms that people can easily understand, without feeling like some University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School grad elitist is talking down to them.

Robert's upcoming book, "The Conspiracy of the Rich," at least brings up the issue of the Rockefellers funding American indoctrination centers designed around the Prussian model: produce good obedient factory workers and soldiers, as discussed much earlier in John Taylor Gotto's books.

Aside from the Doc and a few Austrian scholars, Kiyosaki is one of the few NYT Best Selling authors, I'm talking an author's books you'll usually find next to the typical "Investment/Personal Finance" section at B&N, like Donald Trump, or Suze Orman, that will tackle the origin of the FED. He even mentions Jekyll Island!

Definitely will be interesting to have someone of Kiyosaki's caliber discuss what "alternative researchers" like G.Edward Griffin, and many other non-mainstream scholars, including Murray Rothbard, and the Good Doc have been saying for YEARS. I use "caliber" to mean that, someone the masses accept and understand as being financially successful, self-made multi,multi-millionaire, possibly a billionaire. Someone, as accepted by those who actually watch and delusionally believe CNBC and WSJ; those, that may not be aware that if you want the real inside scoop that's actually published and available to the rest of us mere "peons" (as far as the NWO banksters are concerned), one SHOULD pay attention to what the Financial Times of London (FT.com) is saying.

Furthermore, the REAL goal should be to have someone like Robert Kiyosaki to host traveling seminars, which discussed the history of the founding of the FED, strictly geared at the Police and Military. Then, perhaps only then, they'd finally figure out, how they've been used by the oligarchs for the last 100 yrs.

Hell. Perhaps we should just do that. But it will certainly have more impact, as image and stature is everything to the sheeple, if Kiyosaki did it. Anyone here at DailyPaul have access to Mr. Kiyosaki by any chance?

Or, anyone with Police or Military background who IS aware of the NWO, but is willing to communicate more directly in terms of economics, history of the FED, and how they, the military & police, have been used? Anyone at OathKeepers who's willing to do this?

As I can only watch so many trigger happy(taser, or otherwise) thugs getting away, or any other damn near PANDEMIC of militarized police state brutality in America, before anger, rage, or even a primal urge to respond takes over. But there are limits to those emotions before the constructive and intelligent mind, and the soul tells me otherwise: as cliche as it maybe, LOVE truly IS the answer. LOVE does conquer all; it's MUCH better, and infinitely more constructive to convert a once elusively considered "adversary," and turn them into ALLIE(S). It would be a HUGE boost to the Truth/Constitutionalist/Patriot Movement!

Calling all Patriots with military and/or police background! Any one in the OathKeepers have such knowledge and is willing to do it? Anyone here know Stewart Rhodes, directly?

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4 activism ~

How do you explain they are a member of a socialist organization

Easy. In California there is a two paragraph Oath of Office all public officials are required to take. The second paragraph states that they shall not support or be members of any communist organization. So they are all aware of it.
BTW - All attorneys are members of the "Communist National Lawyers Guild". That's why none of them take the above-said Oath, including the criminally psychotic judges sitting on the bench. Therefore they vacate that office under the thrust of the government code. They aren't disqualified as they never qualified to be in that position of power. They are usurpers acting in their private capacity in which the are personally liable and looking at some hard-core prison time for sedition.

That, is an interesting morsel...

Cali, ~sigh ~ what can we say, that we haven't? Too bad it's such a beautiful state, natural resources, diverse population, then their B.S. legalese, legalese, legalese. Oh, vey.

Their Atty. guild, is that separate from the Masonic Bar Association that all lawyers are forced to join, or are you euphemistically calling the "Bar" as a "Communist National Lawyers Guild?"


For the realization that we must reach these sectors of society to effectively win the Revolution.....

Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”
– Patrick Henry, speech to the Virginia Convention

“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had." - Eric Schmidt

I definitely believe that for this to work, at the level that...

it needs to be done, someone who has a military and/or police background, and is a well known established figure in the financial world is far more qualified to share this angle, and infinitely communicate with them better, in a language that they'd understand.

So, I maintain that hopefully, some of the OathKeepers can keep this option open.

Kiyosaki's level of stature, as an entry hook, followed by an NWO-aware OathKeeper who is also intimately aware of economics at the CNBC watching, investment book buying level, additionally with knowledge in the Austrian School, to put it all in proper perspective. Informing them of a threat to their pocketbooks and direct livelihood, I believe, would be a far more direct method than the talk of abstract "NWO," even though for those of us who are aware, it is very much a clear and present imminent danger-reality.

Thanks for the bumps, DP-ers!





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