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Rand Paul in the News

"FRANKFORT — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul detonated a so-called "money bomb" Thursday in hopes of raising $1 million by midnight, an accomplishment that would validate his status as a mainstream candidate.

However, the explosion was less than expected. As of 11:30 p.m., the campaign's web site reported gathering $425,221 on Thursday.

Paul, a Bowling Green eye surgeon and son of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, remained optimistic nonetheless.
In a telephone interview late Thursday morning, the first-time candidate for public office said he would be pleased to take in $200,000 to $300,000.

"That certainly would show I am quite formidable," Paul said. 'If we reach or get close to $1 million, it so overwhelmingly transforms this race right now.'"

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Video: "Clock is ticking"

"Paul's Web campaign passes $400,000"

"GOP candidate raking in cash from cyberspace "

"GOP candidate raking in cash from Internet"

"GOP candidate raking in cash from cyberspace"

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Raw Story covers moneybomb


Raw Story always covers anything Paul-related, even though they seem to lean liberal.

I want him to go all the way to the top.

With our help he can!

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They just can't help themselves

The opening line attempts to link the idea that only by reaching $1million by midnight, would Rand be able to "validate his status as a mainstream candidate."

They then try to portray the 11:30 PM $ totals as a sign of failure, "the explosion was less than expected"

Well, it's now about 12 hrs. later and nearly 50% more money has come in. Friday is payday for many of us. I wonder if a two day total would be reported on differently. Not likely, but they still haven't figured out that their failure to respect the sacrifices of tens of thousands of contributors depreciates the trust of their readership.

Some money bombs just have a longer fuse!

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When they bring this up

When they try guilt by association inform them that Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto *invited* Dr. Paul on their show to *announce* his campaign. What attraction do they have to Rand Paul?

If they're a leftist that thinks Fox News is racist then remind them that Dr. Paul was also *announced* his run on the Rachel Maddow Show. Don't do the latter unless they persist... it hurts Rand's street cred in the GOP primary ;)

You can also remind them were POTUS launched his campaign (William Ayers living room) and who POTUS's mentor was (Racist Rev. Wright).

Smear Campaign?

On the Cincinatti link someone has faulted Rand in the comments because he's popular with neo-Nazis. Sigh. Of course, rational people know that every candidate has fans among the criminal, odd, and silly.

Sounds like a political operative is starting to take aim. He probably couldn't find anything worse to say.


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Where is the evidence of this popularity

with people whose collectivist biases are totally the opposite of Rand's individualist philosophy? It's just propaganda with no basis; if any newNazis stumbled into the freedom movement by sheer stupid idiocy, they'll soon find they get no traction whatever.


That commenter sounds an awful lot like that blowhard Eric Dondero, who did the same thing to Ron.

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the heads up.


Below is his comment:
"Do these contributers know their candidate is the favorite of neo-Nazis?

Videos of Rand Paul's campaign stump speech in Bowling Green, KY dated July 23, 2009 are posted on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront by a supporter. Don't believe me? Go to http://www.stormfront.org/forum/blog.php?b=1505.

What is it about Rand Paul that racist neo-Nazis find appealing?

Papa Paul had similar support from the wacko right - the pseudo-libertarian racists in the neo-Confederate "states rights" parties."

"My, oh my, you make a great point with your impeccable logic. /sarcasm.

I suppose that if the neo-Nazis posted on sormfront.org that they enjoyed the freedom to breathe you would like all the fools to freely abstain from such a futile activity. However, thank God that people can look through such immature logic so they don't give up their very right to live because of some group that they disagree with has a similar like or belief."

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The Grayson campaign, which

The Grayson campaign, which has relied on traditional fundraisers, was mum Thursday. Campaign manager Nate Hodson didn’t return telephone and e-mail messages seeking comment.

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Sweet, Sweet words.

Sweet, Sweet words.

It's not how much money he

It's not how much money he raises, but how it is spent that matters. I think the strongest part of Ron Paul's campaign was when people were out making their own signs and putting them up everywhere for people to see. Grassroots! I know it is probably difficult to compete if a candidate doesn't have paid media attention. But aren't they then just feeding the beast? It's only going to come back around and bite them. I believe Rand Paul will win the senate seat and become a senator. Then perhaps if his father doesn't want to run for President there will be an alternative Paul to keep the Republicans in line and to vote for in 2012.

Do you know if there are

Do you know if there are meetups meeting nationwide for Schiff and Paul so we can make signs and other materials to send to their states?

I need your help

The local 50,000 watt AM blowtorch 84 WHAS in Louisville did not cover Rand Paul's moneybomb at all on this morning's newscasts. They did however have a story about Democrat Jack Conway reacting to Dan Mongiardo's lead in the WHAS11/Survay USA poll and a story about Trey Grayson naming a campaign manager.

But NOTHING about Rand!

Time for some emails to the news department:

let's send some emails

time for an email bomb*))

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