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Constitution Day MoneyBomb - Retake Congress!

Retake Congress is promoting the next MoneyBomb

"As we all attempt to uphold the constitution, Retake Congress wants to remind you of the importance of getting the right people in office. On September 17th, Constitution Day, we will be sponsoring a moneybomb for all of our candidates. Imagine living in a nation where the constitution is the law of the land. Where our right to personal sovereignty and to be left alone is held sacred. Just as our founders intended. Let's all work together to make it a reality.

On September 17th, let our candidates know that you support the constitution and their efforts to retake congress and pave the way back to freedom."


Help spread the word!

Delia Lopez, Adam Kokesh, RJ Harris, Jaynee Germond, Jake Towne, Rex A. Brocki, Dan Reale, John Dennis, Rand Paul, Michael Allan Frisbee, Joe McArtor, Peter James Bearse, Alan Woodruff, Mark Reed, Tom Alciere, Chris Simcox, Douglas Hutchison, Mike Benoit, and Casey Anderson all need all the help they can get!

More candidates are being added - almost daily.....and wait ...why hasn't Peter Schiff sworn to uphold their platform yet?..somebody tell him to get on it!

I'm trying to get the folks at - http://912candidates.org/
to have a 9/12 MoneyBomb for their candidates, as many of those we support are also endorsed by them(send them an email saying you will help promote it too?) ....Rand, Kokesh, RJ, Germond, and Medina - a different audience can be targeted for donations with this - if a candidate you are supporting isn't signed up on the 9/12 candidate site - contact the state representative and make it happen - it's a foot in the door to Glenn Beck's show and increased exposure....

For Victory!

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A big freedom-bump!

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Oh, I think this

is very important, thanks for sharing.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

You're welcome :)

The more money we raise for all of them - the less time they have to spend trying to raise it themselves - and that means more time they can be out talking to the voters....

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