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AWESOME Bank Failure Page - WSJ

Has maps and amounts, and also a chart that you can sort by column total. Great!


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great find - Thanks for posting.

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Wow, what a

really cool graph. Thanks, for sharing this with us.

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nice graphic



Post time 5:54 pm ET (apologies if a re-post, but as posts are being moderated, someone else may have already posted this info)

The first failed bank for the day was announced:

"The FDIC is expected to announce the failure of Texas-based thrift Guaranty Bank later Friday night. With $13.5 billion in assets, Guaranty would be the second-largest bank to be seized by regulators this year and the 11th largest in U.S. history."

One bank is listed so far- ebank out of Georgia:

Web Design - Programming Question

What do you call that kind of graph - I would be interested in knowing if it is part of flash or if there is a good 3rd party tool to create them.

My bank must be a good one becase it has an extra big circle.

That is a great page. Thank

That is a great page. Thank you!