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Idaho liberty leader facing trumped up felony charges. Can you help?

I do not know where else to turn. This man stood on street corners and brought the name "Ron Paul" to the Boise area. His "Google Ron Paul" sign on State Street is why I am who I am today.
He and I have our differences. I am appalled that he was doing what he was doing for a living. But then, I am on disability, so who am I to pass judgement?
He says he was being berated by the man, was trying to withdraw and de-escalate the situation by showing the man that he was armed, but that he did not point it or threaten him. It is clearly "He said / he said" and I was not there. I can tell you this: I have never detected violence in this man at any level.
I can also tell you this: He is flying by the seat of his pants and barely surviving, and he can not afford his bail. let alone an attorney. If you can do anything, please contribute to his paypal account at challism@gmail.com or if you an attorney willing to help him please email him at that same address.
I know it is easy to throw people under the bus. We have to learn to support each other even when we are imperfect. I still stand and HONOR the service of William Von Brunn - he was a vet, and he tried to awaken the people. He was far from perfect, but I will not stand with the crowd that wishes to see him vililfied for one bad choice, no matter how bad that choice was. That is how I feel in spades about Challis' situation. I can tell you without a doubt, he is not perfect. Want me to trash him? I could, we have worked closely together and I could paint him as a real jerk. But it would be spin. He is a human, he has some very fine qualities, among them a willingness to put it out there. He is a patriot, and he is in need. Can you help?

Thank you for your time. I hope this request finds you all well and well prepared.
In liberty-

EDIT: I think I need to let everyone know what the situation here is. Our state coordinator for the Continental Congress got a 2 month sentence for driving without privileges, taking one of our best activists out of commission all summer for a victim-less, petty little charge. Challis stepped in to fill in for the incarcerated guy, now he is in hot water. The county coordinator has been shadowed this week by police, and my husband and I were both pulled over in the past week. He had a taillight out, my situation was highly suspicious. I do believe the heat is one, we will begin being slandered, arrested, stalked, and harassed. Cling fast to truth, it is our sail, our mast, our vessel and anchor.

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I just see an email address

no link to contribute.
Do you have an update on the situation?

I have no extra money to send but this guy has

my moral support.

I'll Second what paul4won

I'll Second what paul4won said. I know Challis he is a friend of mine and you sir are an ass. I went to the State Convention with Challis he is a staunch liberty activist and has done more them most in this fight.
Whereas you sit here sling your BS almost daily.

I am sick of it and you and all the fake patriots who come here and act like they are for freedom and the minute they are asked to do something they do nothing butmake excuses and and sling BS at the real patriots.

So to you Rihno a big STFU! To the rest of you wake the f*** up and get off your a** and get into the real fight!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

rhino is still as obtuse as ever

This man is a mild mannered, honest, hard working guy. When he heard about Ron Paul, he dropped everything to spread the message. Leaders in this movement are not picked, the leaders are the people who step up. Challis stepped up. Furthermore. those who step up are being picked off by the media. It seems Challis is getting that honor now.
Challis is NOT violent, I sincerely doubt he was menacing the other guy at all although I was not present.
You folks need to wake the hell up. This is how it will happen to YOU. You will make a little judgement error, or maybe a big one. The press will FEAST on your liberty movement connections, make you out to be a whacko and then the LIBERTY MOVEMENT will toss you under the bus.
Did anyone contribute one damn dime to help this young man? When YOU get your turn, and no one helps you, remember this.
One by one, they will come for us, and one by one, you will turn your backs on your allies until you are left standing alone.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

well said Paul4won

this could happen to any one of us...he could have been set up...communists did this all the time in Poland accusing prominent people in resistance of being criminals.

"Our planet is the mental institution for the universe."
-- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell."
-- Aldous Huxley

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According to the court

His bond was posted yesterday:

08/19/2009 Hearing Scheduled (Preliminary 09/02/2009 08:30 AM)
08/19/2009 BOND SET: at 50000.00 - (I18-905(A) Assault-Aggravated (With Deadly Weapon or Instrument))
08/19/2009 Order Appointing Public Defender
08/21/2009 Bond Posted - Surety (Amount 50000.00 )

We are all in the same boat--we just don't know it, yet!

We had better start manning the oars---or they will pick us off---one by one!

Good luck to him

I know of several people who have simply let their firearm be visible- not pointed it at anyone- and the instigator calls police & screams "He pointed it at me!" One guy here in NH thankfully had witnesses and video to back him up.

This seems to be the same type of situation, and I really feel for the guy. But according to this:
Idaho GOP leader has no concealed weapons permit

He shouldn't have had a loaded firearm concealed in his car- even under a cloth. It should have been right out on the seat or the dashboard- in plain view. Or unloaded, if he was covering it up.

Why doesn't this man have a concealed carry permit? Idaho is a shall issue (90 days) state.


for others to read. Good luck.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

It doesn't seem that this

It doesn't seem that this guy has chosen the best line of work to be involved in...

The guy who hit his car and window... wouldn't that be considered assault? AFAIK, assault does not need to be physical but simply enough of a scare to believe oneself to be in danger. A counter charge of assault against the homeowner might be in order and that might be enough to prove that handling the gun was fully in self-defense.

Also, putting pressure on the bank to cover the bail might be the thing to do. It's their work which put this man in danger... if they do not support their employees being able to defend themselves, then what will that say to other employees in the same line of work?





Before you cast that stone...

What is your line of work? Do you understand how you serve them? I devoted my career to health care, and in the end I had to accept that I was a data entry unit for their eugenics experiments.

The bank has tossed him under the bus. He is being tossed under the bus by liberty lovers. When they come to slander YOU, understand that you are going under the bus unless we all learn to LOVE each other and SUPPORT each other ESPECIALLY when we make mistakes. It is no virtue to love perfect people or support men who make no errors.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

You may have misinterpreted

You may have misinterpreted my comments.

While my opinion is that he has not chosen the best line of work to be involved in, I also don't believe your friend should be in jail if it was necessary for him to defend himself. That's why I mentioned that maybe he was assaulted by the homeowner and that his actions may have been in self-defense. I also feel that it is wrong for the bank to throw him under the bus, they ought to be supporting him unless he is proven guilty. So, on those points I am supportive of him.


wolfe's picture

You are correct.

Assault = Threat of violence
Battery = Actual violence

Hence the common charge of Assault & Battery.

He was a contractor so the bank can't be pressured, and I would be fairly certain that the company he worked for has a "no weapon" policy when they are on the job.

If not, they should, as without that policy, they put themselves in significant danger of liability. Therefore, the only help he is likely to receive is a pink slip.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Challis could use some cell time to 'think'....about Freedom

He's working for the "Beast" and acting the part as well. These guys do more damage for the Liberty cause than help.

"Is Anybody Out There?"


Really and you don't trading

Really and you don't trading in the beasts market place for your living? He was just taking pictures he didn't take the guys house from him. Your comment is ignorant and asinine. Nobody deserves cell time when there is no injured party! All the idiots here condemning his line of work are no better the then stupid sheep who refuse to see the real problem and keep us perpetually under the thumb of the criminals robbing and killing us because of thier ignorance.

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

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I am not sure what to make of this. Local political systems are some of the tightest most corrupt entities present in society, so I don't doubt that they could be maximizing every opportunity to hurt Paul supporters in that area.

He would be better off spending that $5k if he can come up with it on a good attorney, because without one, he will end up serving time anyway. Serving a few days up front because he spent the money on attorney would be far better. That is of course assuming he could come up with the cash.

I do wish him luck in this...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I miss you bad.

How much is the bail and is he a flight risk?

Miss you, too :)

He is no flight risk. The bond is 5,000, he has the first half (and they let him out on that) BUT if he only makes the bond it is not refundable. His full bail is $50,000. It is insane consider he has NO prior history, and all the circumstances of this case.

I miss the DP, but I seemed to become a magnet for disruptive discussions, and that serves no good purpose. I see the healthcare issue is gaining a foothold here, I believe that is our best hope for a mass awakening. The NWO is forcing everyone to become educated on this topic. Their fatal mistake, perhaps.

I have seen you here trying to explain to the two-step crowd about eugenics and the Luciferians. That is indeed who is driving modern healthcare and where they are driving it. Your link about the "Lucifer Effect" deserved a lot more attention than it got, but people can only get their mind around what they can get their mind around.

Email me your phone number - I'd love to chat.


Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

do you want help?

I am a sovereign, and i can help if you want. i don't have money for bail but i can help you with his case. i need to know the details and we can get all of his charges dropped. if your interested let me know.

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

can you

start a thread on how to become a sovereign citizen

i can

i want to make a video. but yes all of this info needs to be given out in a major way and i think this is going to wake everyone up.

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

I hope you have contacted him

as I have not heard from you, I hope you have contacted him. I believe he would be quite receptive to this.
Thank you. I hope you make your video, too. Please try to make an "entry level" one - I get lost in the stuff out there now.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

im sorry i sent a email

did you not get it?

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

not under this handle?

Did you send me something as another user?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

freedomlover, that would be awesome!

please email me through my contact info, or feel free to email him directly at challism@gmail.com

Thank you so much!

I would love to talk to you about being a sovereign. I am at about 1/2 speed on the topic. If you email me through my contact info, I will send you my phone number. Thanks!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

does this sovereign citizen stuff work?

I mean does it solve anything and is it for real or just create far more problems then it solves being in the belly of the beast that we are today? Does it just tag you and get you arrested for not wanting to follow their man made rules?

true freedom

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....