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I'm giving away a Berkey Water Purification System

I'm having a contest to spread some liberty & the winner will get a Water Purification System from BerkeyWaterUSA.com - worth $209!

Details here (45 sec video):


or here:

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does it get rid of fluoride?


Yes, but you must purchase

Yes, but you must purchase the Fluoride filters.


I don´t know how to make videos

or upload.. But I did digg it...good luck.....sweet...

and I check your site....one of any I have bookmarked in my campaign for liberty folder.. it´s a nice place... :)


Front Fell Off

awesome - thanks!!

awesome - thanks!!

Bump for

the overnight crowd.

Wow - I didn't realize you were such...

...a player in the freedom movement, Shelly. I saw you working the twitter boards for the Judge on Freedom Watch a while back but I figured you were just a Fox temp or something.

Very, very cool.

She's HOT!

"Get to the choppa!"

"Get to the choppa!"


win a what... guess I missed that part


a date too i hope


no doubt... we are pathetic

I'm thinking about getting one

Any tips? And do you have a filter for your refridgerator ice machine?

If you are on public water supply

get the PF2 fluoride filters.
I searched around and got mine with complimentary (free) PF2s from a place in Tennessee.
The charcoal filters can be scrubbed clean, but I need to get a pair of replacements PF2s for down the road. Roughly $50 last I checked.

That is wonderful

Shelly. Big bump for contest. I bet one of our Daily Paulers could win this.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


good idea.


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