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the constitution

here's a small rant on the constitution, that i needed to vent. thanks for listening.

"The Constitution"

-one, it's dead.

-two, it "was" a relevant document, the bulk of it being a list of limitations on the federal government.

-three, all sorts of federal officials, public servants, law enforcement, government employees and enlisted have taken an oath to uphold the constitution.

uh. i dunno about everyone else, but asking people that have a stake in and are part of the very entity TO BE RESTRICTED by a piece of paper, as well as asked to uphold that piece of paper .....sheez, it seems about the same as asking the fox to uphold the piece of paper that states he won't go in the hen house but once a month.

where is the incentive for anyone who is part of the federal government to help keep those limitations in place? THERE ARE NONE!!!

someone wearing a uniform stands before me and says "I've sworn to uphold the constitution."

me: "oh you have? well you've failed miserably, it's already dead. good day"

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