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Make this go viral: Self Administered Vaccine Patch.

Could this be the future? Most likely.
Good news for those who are squeamish around needles: Researchers have designed a Band-Aid-like painless patch that could replace the sting of shots.

These patches, lined with tiny "microneedles," could make treatment of diabetes and a wide range of other diseases safer, more effective and less painful, the scientists who developed them say. The patch could ultimately replace even flu shots.

"It's our goal to get rid of the need for hypodermic needles in many cases and replace them with a patch that can be painlessly and simply applied by a patient," said one of the developers, Mark Prausnitz of Georgia Tech. "If you can move to something that's as easy to apply as a Band-Aid, you've now opened the door for people to self-administer their medicine without special training."

Make this go viral, somebody make a DIGG and get the word out. Things are falling into place pretty fast and its important that we get the word out about technology being used for evil purposes.

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I must be missing something.

I don't understand what the problem with this is.

True and false.

Imagine how many sheeple will run to buy a patch and put it on themselves. Some of these sheeple are our friends and family; just because they are asleep does not mean we do not love them.

It is our duty as beings of the greater good to do our best to protect everyone, not just allow them to march to their death.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.


I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.