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Peter Schiff OWNS everybody!

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. I watched it again with


I watched it again with my GF. We have a house in CT, might go up there and help with the campaign if he decides to run





Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)


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not to self: the DO SOMETHING NOW! mentality

the heroin junkie analogy jumps out at me everytime I hear it; and I've spent a lot of time delving on it... But I keep getting overwhelmed with information that too pertains to liberty, but from another topic... I keep getting distracted...

anyway... when people fall into the " we've got to do SOMETHING" mentality, just remind them of what they would do if they found out their young healthy son has been using heroin or meth or whatever, and its been not only making him moody but getting him into trouble... what would you do to save your son's life before he gets himself into an even worse position? If it was me, I too would fall into "DO SOMETHING" mode....

if you have ever heard of the show "Intervention" you have seen the choices these families make to save their relatives and friends from abuse... they are all operating in "do something" mode yet what they call for is a stop and a return to normalcy, or return to equilibrium... not expansion of the causes

for some reason we the people's representatives never return to equilibrium when they decide to enter "do something" mode... instead it amounts to something more along the liones of... "maybe you should just double the dose... i've been taught that drugs are good and you're getting bad stuff out of it you must be doing it wrong,,, heck masybe triple the dose..." common sense would tell us to perhaps LOWER the dose; but these congressfolk just doht get it...

They say we are advocating "doing nothing" and it deeply pains me everytime I hear someone respond with "yes" when asked if they recommend the gov do nothing... because WE DO WANT TO DO SOMETHING... doing nothing sounds like we simply want to remain sick forever... we want to return to sound policy...

we want medicine, we want intervention, we want health... we don't want even more bold schemes and regulations to keep the existing system from falling apart in the short term... we want return to normalcy, to equilibrium.

-Peace and Liberty
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best schiff owneship ever

I thought I had seen them all, but this is the best one!

ive seen it

this vid has been around a long time... It used to be called Peter Schiff Analogies...There is a couple of sound glitches in this one...they are the same...

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"Six Months That Changed the World"


I never saw one at this length, I saw most of the clips in different youtubes, but this one is awesome. It must feel good, I hope Peter watches these

Yeah, it´s old one but

Yeah, it´s old one but great! ;)

Petey's got the

best analogies!

reedr3v's picture

He's the master of the

quick, apt analogy. Did you notice how quickly he took over the interviewers airplane analogy and made it his own? Wow.

So true! :)

So true! :)

How far back was the ticker

How far back was the ticker @ 13427.0 DOW ?
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Very enjoyable

view...digg #8...

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Original video

Here's the original vid from Schiff2012:

love the analogies.

love the analogies.

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i love it - a peter collage

all i can say is that he's a shoe in for dodd!

go peter go!

Ron Paul is my President

Ron Paul is My President

a great piece!!!

I've been laughing for ten minutes.. this guy is great.

Remember to show it to your

Remember to show it to your friends too!

It´s hilarious! :)

Check this out!

Check this out!