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Obama talks of a new 911 as his popularity plummets

Since we are wondering what they are going to pull out of their sleeves.
Swine Flu vs. Staged Terror Attack.

The answer for Obamas tanking approval ratings seems to be a big old "New 911"

Great video:

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Clip on the radio

No idea where I heard it, but some bombing in afghan., pakistan, or india was so well planned that it was quite likely that it was inside co-operation. Anyone?

I still find it strange that

I still find it strange that we are acting like the criminal(s) running our country are actually our leaders.. With all the voting fraud with Diebold machines going on, not to mention the 9/11 false flag and now cover-up.

I consider this current government completely illigitimate.

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Wow, I was just

thinking about this today. I think the next big thing will be a falseflag to distract the people from the economy, then the economic collapse then the flu then marshal law.

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Great speech here, Webster Tarpley knows his stuff

Although this is very depressing, obviously.


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