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Does anyone have any good videos/articles on the American revolution?

I am looking for things on the history of America and the American revolution. Thanks!

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I got you...(mp3s)

always check out mises media, some real good stuff there.

I recommend this overview...
The American Revolution - Robert LeFevre (~25 min)

Colonial America and The American Revolution - Tom Woods Jr. (1h 5m)

Murray Rothbard - "For a New Liberty" Ch.1; (This is kinda long (not sure) and focuses on our libertarian heritage in the US.

Roderick T. Long - The American Revolution and Anarchy. (22min)

"Six Months That Changed the World"

Good luck

Somebody on myspace was saying they couldn't find anything about Jefferson or any of the forefathers but....they could find all kinds of stuff on Hitler. I have Netflex and have watched a lot of good documentaries but that's the only place I can find them.