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Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul to host joint town hall meeting


In an interview with AM 1280 on Saturday, Rep. Michele Bachmann announced that she will have Rep. Ron Paul as her guest for a September town hall forum in St. Cloud.

“I’ll be doing another town hall up in the St. Cloud area in September and we’ll do that on monetary policy. Ron Paul is going to come in and we are going to host something on monetary policy,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann is a convert to the Ron Paul movement, sometimes attending the congressman’s weekly lunches.

“I especially want to speak to the 19- to 20-year olds so they can know what there future will be under this level of debt accumulation and spending,” she added about the forum. “They need to know their future. And so I’m bringing him in so we can have a discussion on monetary policy.”

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Seeing Dr. Paul being invited to different congressional

districts, in order to speak on such subjects, is something I really like to hear about. I don't care about the party affiliation of the representative who invites him, only that he gets an opportunity to get his message before other people without the MSM pundits there to interrupt him.
"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

"I especially want to speak

"I especially want to speak to the 19- to 20-year olds"

I think Bachman has realized one great thing that ron preaches:


bachman is divisive.

yes exactly

the media (msnbc really) hates her. i am however from the school that all publicity is good publicity.
we need some of our people there to ask the right questions so Dr. Paul can fully educate the (national) audience to the larger NWO/UN agenda. i would like to see people there open carrying and for this it be a big media frenzy/drama event.
the Kennedy stuff will go on for the next few day's but then we should really start to hype this town-hall up.

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It's Time

Ride For Freedom

Spread The Word

How to hold a town hall

and not get yelled at by your constituents?




That is absolutely true..

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I'm unsure of Bachman.

I'm unsure of Bachman. She says and does some goofy stuff at times, and other times she really shines like she did against the Treasury Sec. I like that she seems to be quite the Ron Paul protege of late. I would say she has some hope, but I found out last night that she is a member of the Council for National Policy, which is a right-winged version of the CFR.

The Secret Right - Vol. 1


I am not endorsing this movie, but I do think there is some good info in it. There is other info that I think needs to be checked. Some concerns I have of it is the lack of any statement by the CNP that they do in fact support NWO or are otherwise anti-sovereignty. There are people in the CNP who are also members of the CFR though. So I'm not saying everything in it is true, I'm just saying it's worth watching and checking out if your not one to be offended that someone you may like is portrayed as someone against America. Ron Paul and Alex Jones are not in it, but Bachman, Buchanan, Stanly Montieth, Officer Jack McLamb, Larry Pratt (GOA), and Larry McDonald (JBS guy, that was later assassinated) are all in it, among others like Bush Sr., Cheney, and other scumbags.

I'm gonna make a new thread on this movie right now, so reply on that one, I don't want to detract from this thread on Bachman. I think it's great that she has been trying to warm up to Ron Paul, so long as her motives are pure.

This is getting rediculous....

Michelle is a great congressman and she really upsets the left. Ron Paul loves her and that is ok in my book. Look, the rediculous part is that people who believe in conspiracies say that non believers are naive because they believe what the government tells them (not necessarily true, though.. I dont believe what the gov tells me, but I dont believe they did 911 either), yet if any ol' guy with a camera and a southern accent and a narrative says there is a conspiracy, then they believe that without question. I just watched the entire film and I am not convinced in the least. Ron Paul is most likely a Free Mason (AHHHHH!!! Run for your lives!!!!) because his father and grand father are prominent FreeMasons... so what?! The best answer to this is Tucker Carlson's response to some truthers at the Rally for the Republic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm-EPOY_4Xo

Here is something (remember, a guy with a southern accent and a camera) that can remind you that not everybody is perfect and everybody has flaws in logic and shortness on credibility: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2gjNOAdEX4 (Parking lot incident.... warning)
Here is another:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFZqdQ2ReTM&feature=related

PS I know, I probably lost a few more friends this time:-)

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

I doubt if you will lose any

I doubt if you will lose any friends for expressing your opinion. The term "truther" has a connotation that is not justified. For example, there were two airplanes that hit two buildings on 9/11 -- I think most folks will agree to that. For me the controversy arises over the fact that three buildings at the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11. The third building collapsed in its foot print for no apparent reason. I would like the "non-truthers" to explain that.

You cannot compare any

You cannot compare any organization with the CFR. Members of the CFR and their counterparts around the world control the world. To do so is intellectually dishonest.




Glad you are picking up the story on the CNP. It is a story that gets more bizarre the more you get into it. Be prepared. Look for the Rev Moons name. Look into the Ted Haggard scandal. Michelle Bachmans name comes up in a story below.


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Why hasn't Alex Jones questioned people about this group ?

The CNP is often viewed as the right wing's version of the Eastern Liberal Establishment's CFR, though when looking through the group's roster, it doesn't take long to find many names which are/were also members of the CFR. Surely anyone who has done their homework knows that the Left vs. Right argument is a ruse, and that whether somebody in a position of power claims to be "liberal" or "conservative" they are still -- knowingly or unknowingly -- working toward the furtherance of the globalist, one world agenda.

Left vs Right is a ruse !!!!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Pertinent questions

Thx Celeste for the reply. No one here is advocating left vs. right.

Your initial question is the one that needs answered.

1st) Can anyone recall whether Alex Jones has gone after the CNP and if so can they source it?

I did a search "site:infowars.com council for national policy" and all I found were posts by readers, no articles about it. No infowars article on or mentioning the CNP was found.

2nd) If AJ has never gone after them, then we need to ask why. Call his show and ask him why even. As I said earlier, the fact that he interviews some of them from time to time is not an endorsement of their agenda.

3rd) Ron Paul is connected with the John Birch Society. I don't know if he is a member, but he spoke there on their 50th anniversary. JBS was at the Seattle CFL conference too. I have heard allegations that they were started up by Rockefeller funds. Does that mean Ron Paul is a "globalist"? I doubt it. JBS writings seem to be very anti globalist as well as Ron Pauls.

To the original thread author, no hijacking was intended. I did make a separate thread. called "The Secret Right, vol. 1". My apologies.

We need to know who is pulling the strings

While the CNP may not be as powerful as other globalist NGOs, they are powerful in their control over the so-called conservative movement in this country, which ties in closely with the "patriot" movement and alternative media, which many people rely on to deliver them what they believe is "the truth."

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain


I'll wait for your new post .

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

excellent. angry crowds

excellent. angry crowds finally meet a rep who agrees with them.

bring. camera.

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Is she what she claims?

She voted for 'The Food Safety and Enhancement Act"

Makes me wonder if she is what she says she is.




She has the strangest eyes I have ever seen

When she is not talking, her eyes do weird things. When she starts talking, they stop!!

She is a member of the secret Council for National Policy, is she not? I do believe I saw her on that list. Hope he asks her about that. I am not totally convinced that there aren't some people who are members of that council who are still converted good patriots. Heck, three years ago, I was just a stupid neocon with a slight clue that things could go bad in the right hands. I didn't realize those "hands" had gotten so numerous and incontrol. Maybe she and some of the others with the CNP are the same way. I can only hope.


Oops. I didn't see that you included the CNP membership. I prolly went into too much detail above then. Oh well.

lol all this conspiracy crap

lol all this conspiracy crap has to stop .. almost everyone that has been on the alex jones show is apparently in that secret group too lol

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Nothing has to stop

because the bunny says stop. Sorry, but NO.

I must say...

If you don't like hearing about concerns related to the NWO then why are you into Ron Paul? He was in Alex Jones movie "Engame" talking about it! Often times 2 or more people do plan how to commit crimes. That is all a conspiracy is after all. When cops investigate crimes and they don't yet have the evidence to support charges they do come up with "theories" to work from. This is normal in police work. Why should it be any different for anyone else?

I like this woman! She is

I like this woman! She is not afraid to say it the way it is. Go MIchele!

Michelle is smart enough...

to see the writing on the wall...

Ron Paul republicans basically took over her district.

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

I am not sure where I stand on...

Ms. Bachmann, yet, as she is too new to CONgress.

Michelle Bachmann's voting records, while promising, is still not enough to holistically gauge where she truly stands on UNCONSTITUTIONAL war/occupations, torture, renditions, secret and indefinite detentions, peace, AIPAC/isrl/zionism, foreign policy, gvt subsidies of ANY kind, FED.up, IRS, taxes, truly limited gvt, OathKeepers, NAU, Nazi-DHS, Fusion centers, pandemic of police brutality & taser-happy thugs, Mil.Comm.Act, Habeas Corpus, 10thAmnd, IRS/"faith based initiatives"/Romans:13 & the Church/FEMA camps(though she has expressed some concerns, not sure if she knows about COG, Rex84, IronMt.,etc), "war on terror," NWO, etc.

However, despite what the self-righteous "Hopium" high oBUSHmaBots have been propagandizing on and offline about Ms.Bachmann's views, she has certainly lead an examined journey; she is THE BEST example that I can currently see, as a POSITIVE "work in progress" toward FREEDOM/liberty principles, as expressed by ANY current member of the Heglian Dialectician created false "left vs. right" paradigm stuck lemmings in CONgress.

Giving credit where credit is due: Rep.Alan Grayson (D-FL), we thank for spearheading anti-FED sentiment on the Dem.side and promoting HR1207, has been a GREAT first step as well. However, it too remains to be seen where he truly stands on the same issues that I've raised above; even IF entrenched in Dem, or "liberal/progressive" ideology, whether he is FOR HR1207, out of true sincerity, or opportune political expediency bandwagon, he has proven to be pliable to We the People's demands. If not, at the least, he has demonstrated that he is concerned about his constituency's and OUR demands for gvt transparency and accountability. Thus so far, BOTH Bachmann & Grayson, should be seen as great first steps in bolstering the liberty/FREEDOM conscious reps in Congress.

I had hoped the intentiononally disgraced SC Gvnr & fmr. Congressman Sanford, would have been another, "work in progress" toward liberty/FREEDOM principles, at least from the GOP side. And, sorta seemed like he learned a lot from the Doc, from the stories and records I've read. But, odd how his whole affair w/Argentine lass came about soon AFTER he was interviewed by WeAreCHANGE, or a local blogger, on his recent Bilderberg attendance. Some "coincidence," eh? Kinda like how Eliot Spitzer were railroaded with his penthouse-hooker scandal, right AFTER he challenged to audit Wall St. banksters. Just another coinkydink, eh? If the Mega-Ball Lottery had so many instances of "coincidences," we'd all be billionaires.

My only hope is that Ms.Bachmann studies and lives it enough to become a shining example in days ahead. But, for now, her records are too early to gauge. Nevertheless, a positive "work in progress" is a MILLION times better than what most of us can say about OUTRIGHT SELLOUT NWO sycophantic minion turds in CONgress. So, GREAT for her, for inviting the Good Doc for an AWESOME chance at possibly educating the younglings.

Definitely a potential "liberty candidate/incumbent" ally in Congress. We could ALWAYS use more. One convert, 543 more to go!

Adjective anyone?


Adjective = Palin's fraternal twin?

if you love her so much why don't you marry her?!