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White anger fueling health care debate

Ex-Marine Jack Burke went toe-to-toe with his congresswoman at a street fair in San Carlos last week, convinced President Barack Obama's health care reform would mean politicians, not doctors, would make his medical decisions.

It wasn't just health care making him angry, Burke said a few moments later. It was Obama's plan to limit global warming; it was the auto industry and all the other bailouts; AND it was health care. The retiree said it all felt so wrong, so contrary to how he was raised.

"I just feel the government is intruding in our lives," Burke said.

With the civic dialogue aflame with phrases like "death panels" and "the blood of tyrants," conversations with voters like Burke suggest more is brewing in the nation's troubled soul than a debate over the mechanics of health care reform. Many say the tempest over health care has its origin in the new administration's breathtaking pace of change and in the long-term social and demographic trends that helped put the nation's first African-American president in the White House.


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Sure, everything against the corrupt gouvernment is now

a racial hate group.
It has gotten old during the (s)election.

Was truly a smart move of the Rowe/Brazile team to put this puppet up.

"I think it would be a good idea"

Mahatma Gandhi,
when asked what he thought of Western civilization


Good one.

Bill Clinton Was America's "First Black President"*

Obama is America's first Kenyan President.**

* "(Bill Clinton) is our first black President. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children's lifetime." Toni Morrison, The New Yorker, October 1998

** Birther humor, argh.

I am NOT a racist

I just hate most government...no matter what color they are.

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Such B.S racebaiting

Sure, most of the people who get out to voice their dismay are white but they are also middle class Americans. I'd say this has much more to do with the threat the middle class is responding to and their fears of being pushed into the poverty class. As with so many issues, it is more related to socio-economic standing and not race. Most racial issues, I firmly believe, are about economic standing and should be addressed as such instead of focusing on skin color issues which divide us in a permanent sense. If we looked at these issues as economic and class then we could clearly see that people could transcend social and economic stratas regardless of skin color.

In the case of health care what the heck does this have to do with skin color???? These middle class people are scared when they have an ailment they will be queuing up for hours or days in health care clinics to be seen by a doctor similar to the type of clinics many urban poor are treated at. The fact that many poor people are ethnic is beside the point. Who wants to get worse treatment? The middle class knows that this reform will not bring better treatment to the lower class it will merely increase that style of treatment to the middle class. They don't give a damn what color people are they just don't want to have the system change for the worse through more government intrusion.

Personally, if that care is so great lets see Congress, all politicians, the executive, all public servants, unions, hollywood personalities, and the media take it on as a trial run and report back how successful it is before implementing it to the middle class.

Dunno about that...

I know literally thousands of Native Americans that are pissed off about Obama.. it doesn't have a thing to do about the color of his skin.

They just don't want government further into thier lives.

For some odd reason.. like history.

As far as my other white/black/yellow friends, I still don't see any issue with them and what color Obama is. They all have an issue about wandering further and further away from the Constitution.

However, as someone that is 3/8 white and looks pretty pale, I'd say that any racial discrimiation going on right now is not on the part of whites... it is the current administration and thier news organs slapping the race card down every damn time they can.

People are not scared because of the color of Barak's skin... they are scared because they have a gut feeling that they are being lied to. They sense they are about to reach a tipping-point of no return.

They want to live in America... and looking around, they cannot recognize the America they grew up in.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

So true what you said about the race card...

"...it is the current administration and thier news organs slapping the race card down every damn time they can."

Remember this?

'MSNBC Host: Word "Socialist" Code For The "N-Word" '


(link to that thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/102904)

...and this:

Interview about the birth certificate situation with G. Gordon Liddy. E. Steven Collins pulls out the race card.


(around 7:17) "This is because many people in this nation cannot still accept the fact that a brilliant African American is the Commander in Chief..."

(link to that thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/100565)

Well it is a "race" war...

since we are "racing" to save our Republic from the hands of fascist corporate bankers and their mindless rabble.

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority

If you are white...

and you oppose illegal immigration, you are a racist. If you oppose Obama's domestic policies, you are a racist. If you want new comers to respect our language, you are racist.

They tell you what words you can and cannot say. The government passes Hate Crime laws that identifies crimes against certain 'groups' as more horrid than against you. At this point, we have to apologize for being white. How much longer are we going to put up with this?

The banksters

want a race war so they have to throw something in to fuel it. It doesn't matter that the country is broke and there is no way to pay for this health care bill, no it has to be a color thing, even though his momma was as white as snow. LOL Ugh!

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