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Video: Localization is Necessary for True Change

My latest video:


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David : I realize you are

David : I realize you are young yet so I give you some leeway.. The LOCAL governments are not much better at handing out good programs ..Anywhere there is money to be had & spent there is corruption or the potential for corruption ..the Parties are no better than their leaders & emulators...Human nature, though they say it does not exist , dictates a try for advancement . This is where we run into problems..Experience has taught me well, but please keep up the work..
This .Good people do Good deeds
and are no respecter of person

I realize that

All that I am saying is that people have much more control and power to change things on a local level. Once a program is in place on a federal level, it takes A LOT to even reform it a little bit. On a local and even state level, people have much more ability to get involved. The more local we look for solutions, the more everything will be in the hands of the people. Clearly the federal programs in place today hardly represent the people, largely because it is not the people who can change them as they could on the local scale.

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Good job

as usual.